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    Ivan Admin Staff Member 2017-09-07
    - Fix: Cue ordering in MKV files could cause Explorer thumbnail generation to fail, among other symptoms
    - Fix: snapshot generation after disc removal could cause a crash
    - Fix: proper handling of angles for 3D discs
    - Fix: remove vs2010 runtime dependency for AMD and nVidia acceleration
    - Fix: global header for MPEG-2 streams in .mkv/.mp4
    - Fix: lossless transfer of MPEG-2 streams in .mkv
    - Fix: VC-1 video preview
    - Fix: subtitle encoding for DVD subtitle format
    - Improved: AMD GPU encoding parameters
    - Fix: MKV icon generation (Windows Explorer)
    - Fix: MKV private codec generation
    - Fix: LPCM streams at 24-bit
    - Fix: audio channel layout for 6.1 (DTS -> AC3)
    - Fix: audio channel up/downscaling between 2.0 and 5.1
    - Fix: VC-1 interlaced video
    - Fix: incorrectly flushed streams authorered by 3rd party software
    - Fix: deliberate gaps in some streams
    - Fix: trimming of 3D video (keyframe adjust)
    - many minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages