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    • New: support frame packed 3D (MVC) in MKV files lossless and lossy
      important note: only a few PC-players support this 3D format, including PowerDVD 16 or higher, Kodi - ]only a few linux version and Stereoscopic Player, also, lossless MVC don't properly work with PowerDVD, reencoded copies work fine.
      For now, only software de-/encoding is possible and is fairly slow.
    • New: added setting to eject source disc after processing
    • Change: security update for ElbyCDIO.sys
    • New: preview player allows to switch display between 2D and SBS formats (R/L view can be used for "squinting eyes 3D" for quick verification)
    • Change: for lossless copies, remove the beaver from the preview, this was confusing because users thought, it would show up in the copy as well
    • Improve: display correct bitrates/output sizes when encoding MVC output
    • Fix: user interface - switching between 2D and MVC output sometimes left HEVC codec disabled (greyed out)
    • Workaround: Windows MediaFoundation Parser bug (Windows Media Player/"Movies & TV") couldn't parse MKV files, that were created with "extra track for forced subtitles"
    • Fix: NTSC non-telecine incorrectly detected as telecined so field splitting failed
    • Fix: size estimator is off, when many picture in picture streams and an over-abundance of subtitles is in the source
    • Fix: write global header, when converting VC-1 video AVC/MKV
    • Fix: secondary DTS audio (picture in picture)
    • Fix: 2D playlists sometimes got hidden by their 3D counterparts
    • Fix: size estimation inaccurate when creating MKV/MP4 when playlist contains the same clip multiple times
    • Fix: Multiple corruptions of BD data
    • Fix: Early terminating streams (data corruption due to preprocessing with 3rd party tools and then postprocessing in CloneBD)
    • Fix: Subtitle display on some Opus players
    • Fix: Audio/video drift on some PAL encoded discs (that have been "telecined" from NTSC and not sped up)
    • Fix: Further support for 192 kHz/96 kHz Dolby Atmos discs
    • Fix: Further support for some audio discs (LPCM, 24-bit, 192 kHz)
    • Fix: Correctly output big-endian audio samples (was little-endian)
    • Fix: Better AVC video encoding settings to support more standard players
    • Fix: Further support for usually Japanese BD recorders (pseudo BDMV format)
    • Fix: Correctly decode VC-1 color space, cropping area
    • Fix: Preview playback of VC-1 tracks
    • Change: Reduced required memory footprint
    • Fix: (possible workaround for a Marantz player) - remove several optional items from chapter entries in MKV files
    • many minor fixes and improvements
    • updated languages
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