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    Yeah I don't if the timeouts are managed the same ways across plateforms. What are you running?

    Mileage varied on every single attempt I made.

    CloneBD typically max out the CPUs and while it that state, the ripping pace seams to be OK (first ETA approximations shows in the 30mins ballpark)
    Then it's slowing down, CPU usage also dropping - Then it stalls, then abort few minutes later.
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    Well they did release it as a beta a few days before the paid release came out. It would then be up to the individual on whether they wanted to pay for it or wait which is why I don't have much sympathy for those who decided to buy it then complain as it's not like they hid the fact that people are having issue with it, and it's not like they couldn't have tested the betas before buying it to find out how well it works on their system with the disc they want to use.
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    I had no knowledge about a beta or received any such communication. How is one supposed to know about it? I may not be the biggest computer whiz, but I can test. I've done localization and testing for years. But I don't exactly look for this program every day either. I might check once in every few months on the SlySoft page to see if it's available yet. And notwithstanding they released a beta, as one reviewer wisely noted, it was not fit for either a beta or to sell to the public. When you buy something you expect it to work with somewhat of reliability, regardless of whehter they did stick a beta out a couple of days earlier somewhere on the Internet. It's not right to just throw it out there. I apologize if I seem a bit peeved. No matter what is said...there's no excuse.

    En bedankt Chevron, voor 't programma. Ik heb nooit daarvan gehoord. Dat is wat ik nodig heb -- iets dat ik kan gebruiken bevoor CloneBD goed werkt. Tot kijk.
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    They released a public beta 3-4 days before the official release
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    Not only that, but you can download it as a 'try before you buy' like all the other products.

    I ran few hundred discs through the beta before it was released and nearly all of them went through without a hitch on multiple machines running Win 7 Pro 64 and Win 8.1. It's only when it got released into the general population that a lot of these problems popped up due to the nature of different peoples setups. There will always be these kinds of issues when something new is released that uses complex encoders no matter how much beta testing is done before hand as people may have other codecs on their systems that interfere as well as other software that can't be foreseen. Programs such as 'Wordperfect' have been around for along time and are just built on the old version so it's a lot easier to release a new version that's just been 'tweaked' to the latest look and file types as the core software has already been built years ago.
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    I should buy a broke down new car and hope that in the future a license I paid for will be worth it's cost, wait, and hope that the car actually runs correctly one day.

    I've had lifetime licenses for more years than I can remember, those license were worth paying for because the products have never failed me. This product is like walking into a dark room where everything looks nice till you turn the lights on.
    I am sure this product will eventually work correctly, until then I will not pay for something that does not. people are annoyed with this product and there has not been a peep out of it's developer. I just hope everyone remembers Slysoft products are not Elby Products.
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    As with the broke car, you could try it before buying then decide whether to pay out now or later once it's running to your satisfaction. If someone decides to buy before trying then that's solely down to them.
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    I can see this is going no where. The software should have never been released in it's current state, try before use or otherwise. I kinda doubt this software will ever live up to the free alternatives, but if and when it does, which is no time soon I will purchase a lifetime license as I did for all my other products.
    Slysoft Rules, Elby Drools!
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    I haven't tried this product yet but I'm not seeing anything here to make me "panic" about it. I suspect the beta phase probably should have been longer and more wide (I would also have loved to be on it) but they probably were under time pressure.

    Just curious: are the people seeing the long times working from the original disk or from an ISO? I always copy to a good ISO first then work from that.
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    CloneBD have many bugs in current situation,because it can't burn or proccesing many of blurays titles,this is known BUT i believe that CloneBD will be a fantastic and simple application for Blurays backups and rip.I think after 3-4 releases will be very stable.
    My opinion is that Elby must cooperate with Slysoft to speed up this stable situation on CloneBD.Just before sale CloneBD,elby she should give a beta release for about 1 month,and after that time they should start to sale it.
    I think we a need a llitle patience.
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    Patience is a virtue--or use BD-Rebuilder for now--it's free!!


    I bought CloneBD this past Friday, and I'm having a issue with 2 Blu-ray discs, but Tom in Support is working with me on the issue, and hopefully, I'll have it resolved soon.

    I will be patient.

  12. edwardssr

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    Right or wrong?

    I keep seeing one side of people peeved that the product doesn't work, then another saying they should have tried it out first. Bottom line -- and I've not seen any of these latter people address this issue yet -- is that it's wrong to charge someone €80 or whatever it is and have it not work. Am I right or wrong? Even MS works somewhat for most people most of the time when they turn out their junk. Not only that, but to apparently (at least to me) be so far away from a working version.
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    Who said you had to buy it before trying it? Rule #1 never buy something right when it comes out... As the bugs aren't worked out yet.. SMH you guys make me laugh.
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    I'm thinking people are buying to get the coupon...frankly with the number of bugs in it the coupon should be increased for early adopters...perhaps 50% off to January for lifetime updates, there are tons of bugs present. Some of the bugs are just re-encoding when it does not need to. An error like that should never get out.
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    I agree