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  1. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member 2014-12-18
    • New: Added support for new AC-3 stream type [TORA_TORA_TORA]
    • New: Added option to automatically exit application after successful transcode [#516]
    • Change: Add title description on processing page describing current title [#540]
    • Change: New watermark logo in test/trial version [#452]
    • Fix: Ignore invalid LPCM 05 descriptor (found on disc 'FarsDia_1080p_SP', clip 0)
    • Fix: In some situations created .m2ts files have not been aligned to sector boundary leading to a failure in ISO creation and disc burning
    • Fix: Ominous divide by zero crash when showing start page - cause unknown [#359, #362, #397, #433, #435]
    • Fix: Prevent crash on cleanup if there's no GPU interface available [#506]
    • Fix: Fixes crash when IG (interactive, menu) streams are transferred [#504]
    • Some minor fixes and improvements
    • Updated languages

    Release is scheduled for Monday/Tuesday
  2. iteetwo

    iteetwo Active Member

    Still Crashing after update

    Still crashing with The Smurfs, Hop, Cars 2 as soon as i click begin conversion.
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  3. Chris23

    Chris23 Active Member

    From a very soon testing,i can see that my problem with the subtitles has been fixed.Now i have subs.
    Tom,i don't know if it is possible,but i want a feature request.
    Can elby add the abillity,to set someone size and color in his selected subtitles?
  4. robertwallace

    robertwallace Well-Known Member

    Likewise with Total Recall (2012), though I didn't expect this release to fix it since neither of these bugs is in the bug list that's been posted.

    Here's some crash info:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: CloneBD.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 5494ac35
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_1b01
    Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18247
    Fault Module Timestamp: 521ea8e7
    Exception Code: c0000374
    Exception Offset: 000ce753
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 1b01
    Additional Information 2: 1b018579c30a6fb7a3c84b7c2eef48d0
    Additional Information 3: ea99
    Additional Information 4: ea99bf7df617c914c791fd209d9400e7
  5. iteetwo

    iteetwo Active Member


    Where did you get the crash info from, It exits as soon as I click begin conversion.

    Did that popup on screen? Or did you go looking for it somewhere?

    I would like to send something to Elby too! They forwarded my last support ticket back to slysoft, I guess thinking AnyDVD was the problem.
  6. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member

    Nice idea! Added request #595 "change size and color of subtitles"
  7. Tom

    Tom Redfox Team Member Staff Member


    What Antivirus is installed on your machine? Can you disable it an try again?

    Please check if you can find any CloneBD dumps in

  8. iteetwo

    iteetwo Active Member


    I don't know if this was directed toward me too but, I looked in the crash dump folder, Nothing there.
  9. marlowe

    marlowe Well-Known Member

    I have a question,since version setup file included "Directxinstall"
    Should i need to install this file?(OS:WIN 7 Pro X64 SP1)
  10. neo4u

    neo4u Member

    Hi Tom,

    I have updated to latest version And the exact same problems are still there if anything its worse. How do I go about getting a refund on this product made a 2 year update purchase to begin with. But do not want there to be so many weeks / months of that to be used up. while this is still basically being tested. To be completely honest I find it a tiny bit wrong that the product that has the number of flaws this does is actually for sale at all. We all know there are teething problems and tiny tweaks done to all products like this in their infancy. But this is simply unacceptable.

  11. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    I agree and is why I have not purchased yet!
  12. dvd4fun

    dvd4fun Well-Known Member - Guardians of the Galaxy still crashing

    Profile of errors in the Logs looks the same as

    Attached Files:

  13. robertwallace

    robertwallace Well-Known Member

    This is the first time that Microsoft was able to catch the crash and put up this crash report. So I guess progress has been made in this regard after all. :)

  14. robertwallace

    robertwallace Well-Known Member

    Tom - I'm using Norton 360 Premier. I am very reluctant to disable my antivirus. Let me first investigate the possibility of running CloneBD with the network disconnected. If that works OK, I'll try it without the antivirus. I haven't checked the CrashDumps directory since I'm not on my home system at the moment. I'm currently on my 2-year-old laptop which would probably take 1.65 years to do the "conversion" with :)


    Update: Disabling the antivirus did not change the results - still crashing.
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  15. calcu007

    calcu007 Well-Known Member

    Then buy a lifetime license and forget about how many days are left. Lifetime license is always the best deal, you pay only once and not every 2 years. I had been a Slysoft and Eby customer for over 7 years with lifetime license in AnyDVD and CloneDVD, so I save money in yearly renewals
  16. mtbgtr

    mtbgtr Active Member

    Interesting, I was able to successfully rip Guardians with last night, it did take about 6 hrs though which is almost 3 times longer then BD-Rebuilder.
  17. edwardssr

    edwardssr Active Member

    Comments on cost and refunding

    I have read in a comment that we shouldn't worry any more just because we have lifetime licenses. Frankly, I've been waiting how ever many years I have for this (5? more?) and have actually kept myself from buying other products because some of them seem to be incompatible with AnyDVD. I would have to uninstall my SlySoft s/w every time I want to copy a movie and then turn it back on to watch, say a region 2 PAL movie. And I have also bought a lifetime license of CloneBD. But it still doesn't work. It's like it hasn't even been tested, same as another commentor says. I agree. It doesn't matter which license you've bought if you've bought buggy software. It doesn't help me NOW nor in the NEAR FUTURE, if ever. Another year or two before it works and I can finally make backups of my BDs? I'm just a little bit tired, too. In yet another comment someone is joking about how long it takes. If I burn 4x on my new computer, it takes 4.5 hrs. If I burn 2x, it takes 6.5 hrs! Incredible. I can hardly test the s/w because it takes so long between tries. I have another s/w, Power2Go 9, which copies only a 50 GB movie to a blank 50 GB, but at least it does it in only one hour. I'm sorry. You can say what you want in favor of this s/w. But it's incredibly buggy and as has been mentioned, this is unacceptable to turn out s/w in such a state! Worse than Microsoft products and FamilySearch Tree, where the actual testing is done by us AFTER the product has been released. I still wish I could just use a simple "bug-free" program or nearly so, like WordPerfect used to always turn out BEFORE we paid for it. I'm getting ready to get a refund, as well, and get a product for less than half the price, like Blue Cloner 5. I don't mean to offend anyone and I realize a lot of people have worked hard on this, but it's not in a condition to be sold. Those are just the facts.
  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    1 word: BD-Rebuilder

    I've been using that for years now while cloneBD is being developped and will continue to use it as my main backup software until CloneBD is ready for primetime and as stable as AnyDVD is. Until it is, i'm using BD-Rebuilder and the added bonus of that one? It's FREE! You have to realise, it's a public beta and it's nowhere near fully ready or all features implemented that are on the todo list.
  19. neo4u

    neo4u Member

    response is in a thread of its own now.
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  20. mtbgtr

    mtbgtr Active Member

    +1 for BD-Rebuilder and IMGBurn

    I think the crux of peoples issues is that you don't pay be a alpha/beta tester. I alpha and beta test a handful of different software for different companies and have never paid to be a tester, and I have been given full licenses on a few occasions after testing was finalized. From the amount of serious issues many are having with CloneBD my opinion is this product is still in the alpha stage. I too have been a long time customer, before SlySoft took the reins. I will also wait for a reasonably stable release, out of alpha/beta testing, before paying for CloneBD.