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Clone Ripping speed


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Jan 31, 2007
I have asked this ?? before but never really got a clear answer. Anyway, what is the typical rip speed for CloneDVD2? It seems that alot of users can rip a full disk (7-8gigs) in about 15-20 minutes. I would find that acceptable if Clone would rip that fast for me. So here is my enviroment.

Vista Ultimate-Clean Install
2gigs DDR
WD Raptor drives
Plextor 716A, in DMA mode:)

Fave Ripper-DVD Decrypter. Now I have this installed and it performs as I like, 8-12 minutes to rip a full DL disk. I should be happy with this, yes I am. But I WANT CLONEDVD2 to rip that fast, why wont it. Its burn speed is respectable.

Or are others exaggerating the ripping speed of clone
Well there really is no typically rip speed for Clone.
Here are some of the variables that come into play:
  • pc specs
  • compression used
  • running a 'clean' pc
Remember decrypter rips the full disc - no compression involved.
If you have Clone set to DVD-5 it's ripping and compressing too - so will take a little longer then decrypter.

For me to get 20 mins w/ CloneDVD doing it's full thing on a pc w/ 2.8 Ghz processor & 1 gig ram - I have the compression around 80% + and burn at 8x.