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    Hi, First I would say my abilities in backing up my movies are average. I have clone dvd, just bought clone cd, and anydvd HD again. I use the VLC player and am interested in Clone Mobile to make mp4 episodes. So far I've only made one bluray mp4 with Handbrake--haven't practiced the blurays much yet. I've mostly just backed up my dvd's onto disks. I have just started making mp4s from the dvds using Handbrake to play on my tv with the My Passport HD, but it does not combine the episodes into one file. Would Clone Mobile do this job, or would the files be all separated as well? I've searched around here and can not find the answer regarding episodes and clone mobile. Most posts I was able to find are old or have not been answered by anyone. I'm wondering if there has been improvements now to the software or is this even possible with clone mobile. I will appreciate any information you could give me.

    Thank you.
  2. FurryGuy

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    CloneDVD Mobile only works with DVDs, not Bluray discs.

    You might want to ask your question(s) in the CloneBD section, I don't have CloneBD nor know what all the mobile options of CloneBD are. I do know that CloneBD rips/copies whole discs, as CloneDVD does, or separate streams as CloneDVD Mobile does.
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    Thank you FurryGuy for your response. I'm sorry, I guess I did not explain myself well. I do not have cloneBD either. I'm not really interested in blurays right now. I would just like to make mp4's from dvd's. I'm able to do that now, but I would like to also make episode dvd's from series disks I have. I wanted to know if clone mobile can do this in a way that combines all the episodes in one file or is that not possible and it creates multiple files with the episodes. Thanks.
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    It can't. Combining different episodes requires a separate encoding to combine each encoded episode into 1. The only way cdvdm will be able to do it, is if the disc has been authored in such a way that there is a 'play all' title on the disc. That's it. If the disc hasn't then cdvdm won't be able to do it and you'll need a video merger to do that.
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    Thank you Ch3vrOn for the info. That is what I was looking for. The only way it will automatically put it all in one file is if there is a "play all title" on the disk. I have seen that on some of them so that is something I can try. Much appreciated.