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    I have had no problems using clone dvd ....except when I attempt to burn to a dvd-r dl. I get the dreaded " source data to large " message. I have tried this on both pcs that I have and get the same result. Both have liteon burners one a 20 speed and one a 16 speed. And both have the latest firm ware installed on them.

    Now I can burn the image to my hard drive and use Nero to burn it to a dual layer. But that kind of defeats the purpose of clone dvd......And yes, tried it on verbatum disc too........Any suggestions.......?
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    1) Do not use dvd-r DL. Use dvd+R DL only (and only use Verbatim made in Singapore)

    2. Select "dvd-9" near the quality bar in Clonedvd
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    problem is my toshieba dvd player doesnt play any plus formated dvds. So if I want to go with dl then it has to be a problem burning iso files to -dl with nero.....just takes forever going that route.
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    Change the booktype to dvd-rom: (step 3)
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    That is what bitsetting (booktyping) is for. It tells your player that your +R disks are DVD-ROM and then they will play.
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    well that is to cool

    Thanks guys, just have to figure out what to do with the stack of 22 dvd-r dl disk I have lol, guess I can use then for data disc. lol
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    Sorry for the silly question, but you're not using cd-rs, right?

    And your definitely using DL discs and not single layer dvd-rs, right?
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    Yes, It has dvd-r dl written on it and I verified it with smart burn.