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    Hereis the deal,when I try to burn a movie,I get an error message that says;a device attached to the system is not functoning.The output device is full or defective.Please select another drive to write outputfiles to and try again.I have plenty of hard drive space,my old burners had no troubles burning,except for the fact that they didn't make as good of copies.When I used the trial version this did not happen.I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling,I have quadrupled my ram,even down loaded virtual drive,none of this worked.I need help
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    @ tnt3087,

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    Whatever your DVD recording device is it not functioning correctly. Installing additional RAM or installing Virtual Drive Software is not a corrective action that will correct this problem.

    Unfortunately you have not provided ANY information as to exactly what your DVD recording devise actually is. What is the Manufacture Name/Model Number/Firmware Version of your undisclosed DVD recording devise? Is this device an internal or external devise?

    Suggest closely and thoroughly inspect all the cables and wiring connecting your undisclosed DVD recording devise to your computer ensuring that all connections are properly seated and making proper contact. Then suggest accessing the undisclosed DVD recording devise in Device Manager and note if there are any yellow warnings concerning this devise. In Device Manager Uninstall the devise and then reboot. The Windows Operating System will re-install the devise during boot up.

    Uninstall all Virtual Drive Software programs.

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    Other questions to ask include what drive/path/destination you are selecting for Clonedvd's temp files--and how much free space do you actually have on that drive?