Clone DVD VS. DVD Shrink

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Antjaw, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. gonzo

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    clone dvd v shrink

    i have found it quicker to use anydvd and nero to burn becuse u can burn
    straight to disc by useing the quick option in nero
  2. gonzo

    gonzo New Member

    clone dvd v dvd shrink

    the only thing with clonedvd is that if u burn a dule disc it puts the link in the
    right place weres nero does`t
  3. C92509

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    I don't know anything about shrink but I do know with Clone DVD2 I can copy just the movie by selecting titles then if I want I'll copy the extras using the clone dvd mode and deselecting the movie

    The end result I have a disk with just the movie and a disk with all the special features

    I do have a DL Burner but why go to the extra cost buyinf 8.5G disks when two 4.5G disks are a quarter of the cost?

    I Usually burn the extras on a RW disk in case I don't want to keep the extras