Clone DVD VS. DVD Shrink

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Antjaw, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Antjaw

    Antjaw New Member

    Hi guys,
    Your opinions would be appreciated.

    I currently use Anydvd and then use DVD shrink to rip my movies. I use Nero to burn them (Which works seamlessly with DVD shrink). I really never have any problems burning thanks to AnyDVD.

    My Question is, What benefit would I get moving to Clone DVD over my current configuration? Are there more burn options? Is it faster?

    Thanks for your input.
  2. Michaelkv

    Michaelkv Member

    It sounds like it would be less steps if nothing else. AnyDVD+CloneDVD has been nothing but easy and useful for me, but if what you have now is working, why mess with it? I think you can download DVDClone on a trial basis though...may want to try that.
  3. walksh2o

    walksh2o Member

    Clone dvd VS dvd Shrink

    I have used DVD Shrink for years and have had my share of successes and problems. Since I've been using Clone DVD + AnyDVD I am in heaven.
    I click three times and away I go. With DVD Shrink,there were many times I had to copy the main movie only to get a good burn,with Clone DVD I have far less problems. I am sold for life with this product and just wish all those guys out there I keep reading about here in this forum just do themselves a favor and come into the light and purchase clovedvd + anydvd

  4. BillyGL88

    BillyGL88 New Member

    Both are great, but...

    I have both and they are great. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the one major difference is that DVD Shrink has audio with the preview of tracks. CloneDVD does not yet. (I've written them and asked for this feature). Also remember there will be no more updates to DVD Shrink as its creator has been stopped from publishing it to the world. <our loss>
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    First I must admit, that I believe Shrink is a wonderful program (shh, I hope my boss isn' reading this).
    CloneDVD can do a lot of things Shrink can't and vice versa. Most of the time I use CloneDVD, and on some occasions Shrink. They complement each other nicely.
    For example: Removing material while keeping menus sucks with Shrink. CloneDVD2 is clearly the winner - it lets you keep menus, but remove every title you don't want completely, reducing compression of the parts you DO want.
    It can split to two discs the way you like it - movie on one, extras on another while keeping the menus working. Or split the movie in the middle keeping the menus.
    Shrink accepts the files made by CloneDVD, so you can pre-process the disc with Clone and compress with Shrink (if you prefer Shrink's compressor).
  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    This is true. Audio preview is a feature which needs to be added.
  7. gilmore1

    gilmore1 Member

    DVD Shrink has not been updated in almost three years. Although it works wonderfully with Nero, you eventually will encounter a disc which cannot be backed up by DVD Shrink. For us, this was "All the King's Men."
    We tested a trial copy of CloneDVD and immediately got the results we wanted, so we bought the license.
    Since then we've seen that the CloneDVD/AnyDVD tandem works quicker than DVD Shrink/AnyDVD/Nero.
    We still use Nero for replication of unencrypted, uncompressed media.
    Slysoft's bundle pricing is enticing. If you already own AnyDVD, perhaps when you're ready for CloneDVD you can buy them both as a bundle, then give your new, second AnyDVD license as a gift to someone.:bowdown: worthy of this superb software.
  8. BillyGL88

    BillyGL88 New Member

    Thanks bro. James... pray you bring the audio preview feature up at the next meeting! :cool:
  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Or do the right thing - if you already bought AnyDVD - and buy CloneCD & CloneDVD as a bundle. Sooner or later you'll miss CloneCD's features...:D
  10. Zeta

    Zeta Well-Known Member

    This man speaks perfectly for me as well. Do yourself a favor and get Clone DVD and you will never regret it. So easy.......:agree:
  11. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Even though this is an extra step I use this option plus sometimes I use rebuilder pro as well at times. I just tell people to remember there is no 1 all around product. Grant that clonedvd2 is much easier and a decent one click backup program but as said not an all in one.
  12. Lucas Elian

    Lucas Elian Moderator (es, pt)

    CloneDVD Rocks!

    CloneDVD it's better than DVD Shrink! :bowdown:
  13. michaeltyckel

    michaeltyckel New Member

    Why use two when one will do? But the best answer is Clone DVD will evolve w/changing times, shrink is stuck where it is. Of all the dvd cloners on the market, CloneDVD gives me the controll where I need it with the ease of use and speed (10 - 20 min/disk) I like.
  14. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Member

    CloneDVD is faster m8, but I would stay with DVDShrink. DVDShrink produces a better PQ at higher compression levels (depending on settings), CloneDVD starts to deteriate at around 30% compression compared to Shrink, with Shrink you can go much further without any artifacts.

    I own anydvd and CloneDVD and are both excellent programs :bowdown: , but for me the quality output is my main priority. I use CloneDVD for movies that require 10% compression or less, then I use Recode for up to 11-30% compression anything beyond that I use DVD Rebuilder Pro with Procoder 2 or CCE.

    If you want ease of use thats fast and does a excellent job at low compression levels then CloneDVD is perfect for you. For me picture quality always comes first regardless of how long it takes.

    You will not regret buying any products made or endorsed by slysoft 8)
  15. neighbor_tom

    neighbor_tom New Member

    CloneDVD vs DVD Shrink

    I actually use both. Sometimes I find when one won't work due to some protection bug-a-boo, the other will.
  16. buttrpecan1

    buttrpecan1 New Member

    well, I'm glad to know that I did the best thing when i bought the bundle maybe a little less than a year ago, judging by everyone's advice.

    I still don't know how to use any other programs except the CloneDVD, since I use DVDShrink to compress & Clone to write only, but I'm sure when I get to that bridge, I'll research how to cross it....
  17. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    If you want an "all in one", you use Verbatim +R DL media, Clonecd and Anydvd. Click a couple of time in Clonecd, and you're done. No compressing. No encoding. No transcoding. Simple . . .

    And the original layer break position is preserved when using Clonecd and Verbatim +R DL media (unlike using transcoder based apps like Clonedvd2, Nero Recode, Shrink, etc.)
  18. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Nero Recode is newer and similar to Shrink due to the fact the author of Shrink went on to help develop Nero Recode. But Clonedvd2 is still a better choice for handling newer protections if you're going to use Anydvd.

    Clonedvd2 is more compatible with Anydvd than Shrink is and is able to handle newer protections better than Shrink can (provided Anydvd is running on your toolbar). Clonedvd2 is certainly faster than Shrink. Clonedvd2 also has an advantage in that it is able to retain menus over split discs. Clonedvd2 is probably one of easiest programs to use as well.

    When using Deep Analysis, Shrink's transcoder can produce better picture quality than Clonedvd2 does--at the cost of taking more time to transcode. You can, of course, rip first using Clonedvd2 and then use whatever program you want (including Shrink) to compress the video, if you prefer.

    Simply stated, if you like Anydvd, you can't go wrong with also having Clonedvd2.
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  19. KoRn

    KoRn Well-Known Member

    CloneDVD is my first choice.
  20. McstylisT

    McstylisT Member

    CloneDVD is a no brainer for me. Its simplicity and down to the point for what i need is awsome. I also find 1click DVD products excellent.Shrink is a very unique tool and is a program to have in ones arsenal but i just dont seem to use it that often compared to the others. :D :D :D