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clone dvd & vista advice please.


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Jun 1, 2007
Having had my laptop stolen (yesterday). i now have a brand new one with vista on it. I was previously using dvd shrink and nero on XP, wont work on vista. 1)Will clone dvd run work and if so will it work in conjunction with
shrink 3.2 or should i buy any DVD. 2)If i need to know what version of vista i have how do i find out?
Sorry for being such a gimp.:confused:
You'll need anydvd to decrypted the DVD Drive so shrink or clonedvd2 can do what it does. All will run on vista I have them myself.
What do you mean "nero and dvd shrink won't work on Vista"? Have you tried? Cause I have both and they work just fine for me.
Yeah, I think the OP needs a decrypter--namely, Anydvd.

Well that I certainly agree with but to say Nero and DVD Shrink don't work on Vista is inaccurate. Nero 6.x has its share of problems on Vista, but, Nero 7 is fully Vista capable. And Shrink should have no problem at all.