clone dvd mobile with cingular 8525 pocketpc

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by walker852, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. walker852

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    will clone dvd mobile work for converting dvd to cingular 8525? its a pocketpc with windows 5.0. The program I have says windows smartphone, but doesnt have pocketpc. Please help. Im trying not to have to buy another program for conversion of my dvd's.
  2. jleejr65

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    cingular 8525

    i'm having problems with my 8525 also! i posted here in the past but never got a reply!! i'm hoping that between the two of us and the others out there, it's a very popular and functional device, SlySoft will recognize the need to fix this problem. i wonder if it affects all the new smartphone/pda's that run windows mobile 5.0? anybody out there have an answer? PLEASE!!!!!
  3. dtsig

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    the windows 5.0 natively only handles wmv files which mobile doesn't do yet (they are reportedly working on it). BUT

    go over to I believe it will work on your system and run avi files (plus others). Look for your phone in their listing
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    I have Cingular's 8525

    Hey guys this is what you do. Go to google. Look for a program called tcpmp. It will allow you to play all different kind of movie files, including the ones from the menu of clonedvd mobile. Just pick mpeg4 format and away it goes. You shouldnt have any problems doing it, eventhough you have media player you will have to use tcpmp player to view the movie. If you need more help with your 8525 let me know. Good luck.
  5. jleejr65

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    thanks for the tip! i'm about to look for it now. by the way, is the nyc medic handle a true one? i'm a midwest medic myself! love the work----let me know
  6. nyc_medic

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    Yes it is correct work in the south bronx and harlem areas of good ole NYC.