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    now i dont use VOB Passthrough as a rule but i found this problem the other day.
    if i cancel once the process has started,the program crashes.
    here's a video of what happens:
    anyone know why this happens? or is it just me.
    it doesn't matter what dvd i try it on (this one features silence of the lambs uk/pal version),VOB Passthrough causes a crash every time.
    i can cancel other conversions when started if i need to alter a setting that i forgot about (ipod5 is the one i use 99.9% of the time),and the program does not crash.

    (the video can be downloaded to be viewed in windows media player for better resolution on the page i linked to).
    the crash happened even before i used the latest version of anydvd in case you think the beta version is causing the problem.
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    Take a look there. I'm getting a problem where vob pass through always crashes at the end of the conversion. It is successful in writing out the file, but, it still crashes the app.