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Clone DVD Mobile and AMV

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Mr_Ed, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Mr_Ed

    Mr_Ed New Member

    As I'm new here and havent fully had a chance to browse through the masses of posts i shall ask and hope that a very paient person will answer my query.

    Does Clone DVD Mobile convert to .amv format yet? :confused:

    The missus has just got one of those cheap (but really excellent value for money) chinese portable all in one units, and needless to say that the freeware software that comes with it is extremely limiting and not particularly good.

    Having used the other excellent Slysoft products I'm now considering buying Clone DVD Mobile but only if it can do this conversion.

    Or does anyone else have any suggestions on this conversion.

    Many thanks in anticipation to all you forum users.

    All the best,
    Steve Ed.
  2. jkfrench

    jkfrench New Member

    I also have a 'Chipod'...mine is a 1.5" UxCell i-Platinum...I've found that adding the below section to the devices.ini allows me to get reasonable results (you do still have to convert the .avi produced by CloneDVDmobile with the AMV Converter...but you will get much better results than using AMV Converter alone).

    Note: If you have a have a 1.8", 2.0" or other size...you will want to change the Res1, ResAna1, ResExpand1 and Framerate as applicable to your unit.

    Also, the two bolded items need more explanation. ResExpand1= made it so that 16:9 videos will contain the required black borders above and below the video (without setting the ResExpand1 to the Res1 value the AMV Converter will expland the video). The Framerate= setting smooths out the video (AMV Converter doesn't handle framerates very well, so I'm letting CloneDVDmobile do it for me).

    Format=avi -noodml

    Hope that helps,