Clone DVD eliminate directors comments?

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  1. Some DVD's I've copied play back with the directors comments. When doing the settup before the copy, I do not see a "Directors comments" box to unhook. Any help on this?
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    Directors Comments Audio Problems with MI3 Copy

    I had the same issue when trying to copy MI3 ... tried 4 ways but always got the Directors Comments audio over the top of the movie.

    Can anyone help with this ? Used version of AnyDVD and v2.9.0.3 of CloneDVD.

    Thanx !
  3. Seems to me this is a real problem many are having. Slysoft, are you reading the posts?
  4. Stupid question: did you uncheck the director's comments when you were copying it?
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    not so stupid. as a new user to CloneDVD, I dont know how to identify that specific auto tracking to un-check it, where do you do it is CloneDVD and how do you tell it is the right one ?
  6. Alright, you probably just skipped over it.

    The second window is for Audio and Subtitle Settings and there are 3 windows.
    1) Top-Left - shows all the titles on the disk you have chosen.
    2) Bottom-Left - lists all the audio tracks for the highlighted title above.
    3) Right - this is where I usually set which tracks I want. You can make global changes here that will affect all tracks. Just find and uncheck the track that says Director's Comments. There may be some in multiple languages.

    I also usually strip out any languages that I'm never going to listen to so that I can get better compression on what I do want.

    Give it a try! You might see the Quality bar change depending on how much space you have deleted.

    However, that doesn't change the fact that it shouldn't be doing that to begin with.
    When the movie is playing, bring up the audio track menu and cycle through them. One of them should be the audio without the comments.
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    I eliminate mine by going to the audio and checking 3.6 only and leaving out the 3.2

    That works for me if there is not a box listing directors commentary.

    LOOPDOC Member

    Tell you what...If someone can discover a universal "fix-all test" for this problem, they might be a candidate for a major prize, maybe even a leg-lamp!

    My best suggestion, until that happens, is to make a note of the audio settings in the CloneDVD menu and then rip the movie to the hard drive. View a little of the movie from there and if the result isn't what you expected, erase it, change the settings and repeat until you get the result that you do want. It takes a few minutes, but some DVDs (like MI3) don't label the content or intent of the various audio tracks, while some do. I long ago gave up burning without first having a sample peek. I HATE :doh: throwing away media!
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    This happened to me with American Pie - The Naked Mile and one of our DVD players played only the movie audio while the other played the directors comments. I copied main movie only no menu's. All I did on the one that played the directors comments was hit the audio button on the remote and it switched to the movie audio. I made another copy to make sure directors cut was not selected and it still did the same thing.


  10. There was no "Directors Comments" block to unhook on the problem movies. Although I have seen that on many and unhooked it. Looks like this a real glich Slysoft needs to address. Lots of good ideas here though.
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    Actually there are two places Director's commentary show the audio folder and in the video folder. I have both NERO (It's horrible, but there's nothing better yet), and CloneDVD (It's OK, but I use it mainly for a backup to NERO...usually if NERO can't get it done, CloneDVD can, and Vice Versa). With NERO you have to be careful to uncheck the audio and video for the Director's Commentary EVERY SINGLE TIME you burn. A nice difference with CloneDVD is that once you clear (uncheck) the Director's Commentary on one DVD, the settings remain on all subsequent burns until you change it. It's as if CloneDVD views your settings on each burn as saved. This is FABULOUS for me anyway, because I burn a lot, and I never want any language other than English. With CloneDVD I don't have to tell it that every time. I also generally only want one audio type and CloneDVD remembers my preference. A nice, but unexpected side effect is that as you uncheck all th stuff you don't want or need in the burn, you'll see the quality of your burn improve with each item you uncheck as not needed!
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    I also had the same problem with an earlier vers. of clone,even with the dir. comments being unhooked. with the most updated version the problem seems to have taken care of itself
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    Not so stupid I have a few dvds that do the same. I have wasted many blanks trying to elim but have not figured out why the comentary starts in the first place. Even to go through the main menue does noe not elim the comentary. It is like it only recorded the comentary. Keep trying as I will do the same. mabachko
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    Yes ptblades,
    To be more specific, when you are on the CloneDVD "page" for audio and subtitle track selections, anything you selelct or deselect in the Right-Hand pane becomes your Default Choices from then on. Anything that you select or deselect on the Left-Hand pane is used for only that individual session of CloneDVD (i.e. just the movie you are backing up now). Your selections made in the left hand pane will be cleared away after you close CloneDVD. When you open CloneDVD to backup the next movie you buy, audio and subtitles to be included automatically revert back to your pre-set defaults already pre-chosen by you in the right-hand pane.
    Same for you mabachko. Make your one-time selections in the Right-Hand pane of CloneDVD's Track Selection "Page" and they will become your defaults. That way you don't have to make selections for every movie. On certain movies, if you do want to include the Director's Commetary Track, the selection on that movie only should be made on the Left-Hand Pane. Like, for instance, if you are a big Ridly Scott fan and you want only your backup of "Gladiator" to include Ridly's Commentary then don't override your defaults by selecting Commentary in the right-hand pane ... leave that pane as it is and make your one-time, "Gladiator"-only selections in the left hand pane.

    For both of you and anyone else, if you are having trouble not being able to playback the track you want to play or figuring out (on the CloneDVD Track Selection Page) which track is which or why the wrong track plays by default etc, then please see the following posting. One key point: Keeping "Preserve Menus" checked and included on your backup can be very important (for correct audio & subtitle track playback functionality) when copying many originals (depending on how the original was mastered).

    Hi and congrats by the way
    ... do I have to call you "Sir" now? CloneDVD old timers know this stuff but these same track-selection questions are gonna get asked a thousand times on this new forum ... maybe you want to cut and paste some track selection info from both this SS forum and cdf and make a sticky so we can just point members to the sticky in order to cut down (hopefully?) on multiple same-problem postings.

    Best regards,
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  15. Well again, the problem is in the fact that there is NO option to uncheck the "
    Directors Comments" block. There's nothing to uncheck, and when you do the burn you get the comments whether you want it or not! Question still is, How do you prevent this????
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    I don't get it tedebarecooper ... of course there is a place to make track selections (don't know what you mean by "block"). You are using the real CloneDVD2 from Slysoft correct? ... not the fake program also called CloneDVD? What is the version number of your CloneDVD please?

    When CloneDVD2 opens you have:

    Page One: Three backup methods. Choose which one you want to use (which one are you choosing?). Click next.

    Page Two: All the Video Title-Sets on the original DVD are dislpayed. Select or Deselect Titles such as Previews or "Making-of" documentaries etc. Click Next.

    Page Three: All the Audio & Subtitle Tracks are displayed. The Right & Left panes allow you to select your audio and subtitle "defaults" or "one time" choices respectively. Click Next and go to burn.

    Best regards,
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    My own fix [?????]

    I have had a lot of movies that came out with the only sound being the director's comments and I have always fixed it by uninstalling anydvd and clonedvd and then reinstalling them. I always assumed that somehow something had gone wrong with one of the programs [ a virus or bug of some sort]. I could be wrong, maybe it's something else and just a coincidence, but it's always worked for me.
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    I think what is happening (when you reinstall) is that you are resetting the program defaults(?) Maybe you changed a setting which causes your issue(?)

    There may or may not be a "Reset" defaults button in CloneDVD ... I can't check right now because I just got "Flyboys" from Amazon and I don't want to disturb the burn by checking it out.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you

    Errr, no. lol Why?

    Feel free to do this and pm it to me. You'll get full credit of course. I'm very busy at the moment, but your thoughts here have merit.
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    Director's comments issue.....again

    Can you go back to the burned copy and make the corrections on a new copy, or is that not possible? I know, it's a topic that keeps coming up.......