Clone DVD - Menu Creation on Output - How to Stop?? (And More)

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Electron003, Sep 30, 2017.

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    First time with Blu Ray. Lots to learn. My output is to a server using ISO files and played back via KodiTV. (This is my hope at least :) )

    So...finally got my first Blu Rays (TV Show) and backing up to individual episodes using CloneBD as above (Trial Version). I backed the First Complete Disc to HDD and use that as my source.

    Open Folder>Create Disc, Folder, ISO>Partial Copy>Select Single Episode>ISO>Begin Conversion...

    The only setting I have changed is the Output folder. Then "Begin Conversion"

    Everytime I get a menu on the outputed file (ISO). How do I stop this?? I don't want a menu.

    Do I have to check "Directly Play Main Title"?? This seems to signify there is still a menu, but the video begins playing. I still don't want a menu.

    Can you batch create (BD) iso files (without any conversion) like you can in the MKV side of CloneBD? Doesn't seem like you can??

    How many of you convert to mkv?

    From my own observations using a BD folder (converted to ISO) - files are slow to start with PowerDVD17, chapter skips are also slow. This does not appear to be the case with MKV outputed files. Are there other advantages using MKV. What about disadvantages?? What format is easier to tweak?? (Add chapters, cut parts off etc). One thing I need to learn is how to mod the various formats. I'd perfer to leave the files as they are without conversion to another format.

    Thanks for the help.

    One last question...CloneBD gives different title number compared to PowerDVD17. Why is this? I've always used PowerDVD7 (until I recently built a new machine) to check my DVD's and it was always correct. What's changed? Has PowerDVD17 changed? Thanks
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    CloneBD will always add in a menu even if it's just a speedmenu. To stop seeing it at initial playback you have to tick 'Directly play main title'.

    You can't batch process Blu-ray using CloneBD, at the moment it will only let you create one disc at a time

    With regards to the title numbers. If you are referring to the ones shown on the information screen during playback inside PowerDVD then they appear to have no relevance to any actual file numbers on the disc whereas CloneBD shows you the actual playlist number from the Playlist file.

    For instance, when I play Wonder Woman in PowerDVD it says I'm playing title 1 of 10 even though the main movie is all one file. The actual m2ts file is 00296.m2ts and the playlist file is 00100.mpls (which is what CloneBD shows)
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    Thanks Adbear for the input. That's a disappintment. Never used menu's.

    I hope this is something that gets added sometime soon. Seems odd that the re-encodes can do it, but not the basic BD format.

    Again...this is odd. PDVD has always been used on my DVD's to show the title numbers and has always been right. I guess BD is another matter.

    I did like the way CBD re-encodes to MKV. Seemed to do a good job.

    How many here re-encode to MKV??

    Is it easier to tweak the MKV container Vs the BD Folder? For example - to add chapters?

    I have a lot of learn about BD...and I guess MKV as well. My DVD's run from a video server and if redundancy ever fails I'll have to not only back up from from the discs, but also re-encode eveything if it's in the MKV format - something I wouldn't have to do if I left the format in the BD structure.

    What are the advantages / disadvantages of MKV VS BD (iso). I've already seen that it appears the MKV format starts faster in KodiTV than a BD Iso. Can KodiTV even play a BD iso? Thanks
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    Re-encodes can't do it either through CloneBD. CloneBD does not have batch processing, period. However you can launch cloneBD multiple times to achieve a somewhat similar effect, if your hardware is up to it. CloneBD adds the chapters to MKV that are present on the source, no tweaking required. advantages and disadvantages are different for everyone, everyone has different priorities. As to what Kodi loads or doesn't load faster, that's not a discussion for this board. You're in the wrong forum for that. These arent the kodi forums.
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    Perhaps batch processing is the wrong term. Using the MKV format, CBD does create individual epsiodes from a single setup session - something that doesn't happen on the BD side of CBD.

    As for the chapters, I realise the original chapters are added to the MKV format. But if you watch a lot of TV epsiodes (say a 22 episode series), the last thing you want to do is watch all 22 title sequences, or all 22 "Previously On" segments. I put chapters after these portions so I can jump over them. Most Boxsets do not do this (except for perhaps Warner Bros - they are the best at making the chapters as they should be)
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Ofc it doesn't happen on the BD side. When you output to BD format it creates a compliant bd structure.

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