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clone CD


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Aug 21, 2007
I am very new to this and wonder if anyone can help me, I have (of course ) Clone CD I used to have an ATAPI burner and an ASUS burner both burnt CD+Gs well, the ATAPI would play back the CD with the lyrics using Cavs PlayCD+G PE. I cannot get a burner now that will play back thru CavsPE ?? also both have now ceased so I now have a LIte On DVD burner and Just installed a new ASUS lite scribe DRW-184BL 18X18 DVD+_R and it will not burn CD+G disc, the first song comes up with lyrics then the second title comes up no lyrics and the music is all muffled thru the entire rest of disc, I tried my lite on DVD and the same, so , am I using clone on right settings ??
I was told use Audio CD icon and make shure sub channels are ticked on in Audio tab section ??? I am afraid I do not know very much at all about these things and am hoping someone out there would be prepared to help/advise, I am wondering if the new burner is ok ( Ausus lite scribe) but as its happening on Lite on DVD burner too then Im not shure. (PS I have tried even CD's and the burner takes ages to scan and pick up to go on . Am I using the right Icon (Audio CD) for CD+G ?? I am now not sure. Thank you sorry its so long doug5369. maninblack@iprimus.com.au