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    I see that Game Jackal is now available, and I am sure that I will eventually get it. However, I have never been able to get Clone CD to clone a CD. As for the clone DVD It works Great. In 2 - 3 years I have never had a problem. Except for Clone CD. During the process it seems to go through the process correctly, Yet The disks never work. I use name Brand Maxell Cd's and DVDs I have tried the process in several different setups and get the same result.

    I have not tried to copy a Music CD But I will try it tonight just to see if I can get that to work.

    Anyway, back to the issue. Tonight I set up MS flight Sim 2004 to read and store temporarily to the hard-drive then to write to the disk drive (3) listed below. That particular drive has a lot of capabilities. Anyway, As I have said I have ZERO problems with Slysoft except trying to clone Cd's to work.

    Is there any advise that you can give me to try to make this work? Drive (3) listed below has a lot of features for both Cd's and DVDs. This is why I use this drive for the writing portion. All of my equipment is up to date with plenty of storage space and RAM. I am sure it isn't an equipment problem. However, If it is anything like Clone DVD, I am certain that it is an user issue.

    Any help would be appreciated. I know that one of the answers or fixes could easily be "Use Game Jackal". But, I would like to get this fixed as if Game Jackal wasn't an option.

    Then I would like to know what the difference's are between Game Jackal pro and enterprise. If I am going to register one I would like to get the better of the two.

    Anyway, Thanks ahead for any help that you can send my way.

    3.) external 52 max DVD-RW/CD-RW HP DVD Writer DVD420n

    Henry (Khin) Murray
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    Clone CDs

    And BTW I have set Clone CD up several different waysand using several different cd'd to clone, all getting the same result.
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    Answering questions!

    Yes I do own a purchased copy of MS Flight Sim 2004 and any/all other Cd's that I try to copy/Backup. Thanks.
    As for the link to the questions, That will take a bit of time, to look up all of the information. However, I have nothing better to do so will get it posted
    as soon as I can answer them all. As I get to some of the directions, I will try them and post the results. As for PMing. Not to worry I am not a fan of PMing.
    IF it needs to be that private, God created email.
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    You're just reading my signature. I meant answer the questions in the link please.
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    Answers to your questions:


    2) XP Pro 2nd Service pack. I keep it up to date at all times.

    3) Have not set up a Virtual Drive . Have not had the need.

    4) This I tried with no success. ( I can copy Music Cd's) Just not games.

    5) tried This didn't work.

    6) I use Trend Micros PC-cillin (Just in case you wonder, I have a few ports open on the router that routs to this machine. However, I have opened it wide open meaning all ports routs to this terminal )

    for a) This is 3 year old software. actually more like 4. This disk is in Great
    b) Condition. I spoke to a friend of mine that works at Microsoft, About this question. FS 2004 Doesn't use emulation.

    7) Microsoft Flight simulator 2004.

    8) Microsoft Flight simulator 2004.

    9) CD

    10) US

    11) Up to 128 GB (I am running 64 GB) ECC Reg. DDR2 in 32 DIMM sockets
    Two PCI-E x16, One PCI-E x8, One PCI-E x4, and One PCI-X 64-Bit 133MHz slots
    LSI 1068E SAS Controller Support up to 6 SAS HDDs
    High Efficiency VRM Design to Save Power Consumption
    1200W High Efficiency Redundant Power Supply with I2C.
    Supports IPMI 2.0 Compliant Management with KVM over LAN
    4 removable storage media.

    a) 3 1/2 inch Floppy 1.44 HD

    b) DVD/CD double layer writer
    c) DVD/CD double layer writer
    d) CD Worm Drive This Drive will handle DVDs as well. I usually just use it for Cd's and Mini Cd's
    Primers air cooler (air conditioning for the 4 chip set and memory)

    The only real CPU AMD

    12) Answered above.

    13) I use Trend Micros PC-cillin (Just in case you wonder, I have a few ports open on the router that routs to this machine. However, I have opened it wide open meaning all ports routs to this terminal ) From above.

    14) When Copying a CD Everything seems to work Flawlessly. But the disk will not work. I have another program that I use for Game Cd's and it seems fine. But, if you have a solution, I would be glad to implement it.


    Thanks for any help that you ome up with.
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    Emulation is with respect to Clonecd, GameJackal, etc. It has nothing to do with being on the original disc. I didn't ask what security software/antivirus software you used. I asked what copy protection is being used on the original disc. Now follow the instructions I posted, and please answer question 6 properly this time.

    Without knowing what protection is being used on the original disc, trying to troubleshoot is next to impossible.

    By the way, for games, it tends to make more sense to use Game Jackal: click