Clone CD produces three files after read to image file

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by sinpisto, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. sinpisto

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    I created an image of a language learning CD, the results were three files.

    ccd file 26 kb
    Image Files 683,601 kb
    sub file 27,903k

    I am a newby here,
    If I want to burn a CCD image to a black CD-R,

    do I need to choose the three file or just the image file?
    When do I use the three files and how I select the three files when burning the image?

    I am confused.

    Thank you.
  2. tectpro

    tectpro Translator (ms_MY)

    When you open CloneCD it will show you the files that can be selected to be burned.
    The files contain the data of the CD, subchanmlnel info, toc etc.
    It will use all 3 files and burn the data back to the disc.
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  3. sinpisto

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    Thank you!