Clone CD Not burning?


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Jan 31, 2007
I have been using clonecd for along time and i formated my computer put a fresh install and installed clone cd right away once all my drivers were installed. I'm using Windows Vista by the way. Ive used it on vista alot and no problems what so ever until now. I have burnt this img before its a bin file. And it works 100%. When ever i try to burn anything with Clone CD it goes through the process fine but now it finishes and says done successful and it ejects. when close the tray to read the CD it just says DVD RW Drive and has nothing on the CD and so i take it out and it shows it was burn any ideas what is going on?
Maybe VISTA is the problem ??

I use normally CloneCD in Win XP, but i am also trying MS Vista in the evaluation copy, as Microsoft have made available for download.
When I use a backup in WIN XP, it works fine. But when i tries it in VISTA, it asks for the original CD. I have tried to burn a new one from VISTA, but it dont works in VISTA. It works fine in XP anyway.
Now i have 2 backups. and have been assured not to upgrade to VISTA.