Clone cd and samsung SH-W162C


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Feb 21, 2007
Hello, i tried to make a back up copy of an xbox 360 game on dvd+r dl ritek media code,I tried also to update the firmware but nothing changes(i have TS11 now). I made the image .dvd that it splits in many files of 1 gb.when i try to burn it,clone cd tells me the disk inserted is not right and it appears the possibility to try overburn but the image is 7,05gb and the disk is 8,5gb..
. it's an error of clone cd.i have a pioneer 111d also and it works perfectly also another burner lg in my notebook.why with this burner it doens't burn anything?there is a way not to slit image file?thanx for your answer..
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To make a back-up of a DVD, you select the "Copy CD" option. You put the DVD in a DVD-ROM or DVD burner and select "Next". In the window under your selected drive, there should be an icon of a disc with DVD under it. Select "Next". Select "Next" at the 'Info on inserted disc'. Select your DVD burner at the "Info on CD Writer" screen and then "Next" and it should start.

What other steps are you adding in? To my knowledge, the only thing CloneCD can do to a DVD is copy it. It does DL media very well. If you are trying to manipulate the files on a DVD, you need CloneDVD or some other software.
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It's a known incompatibility with some burners and clone cd while backing up xbox360 games on dvd+r DL gives error and asks to overburn but the disk inserted is correct.i solved it by doing the image with clone cd and burn this image with imgburn....but i would want to know if this bug will be fixed in future.