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  1. Dr John

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    I’m new to forum and a pretty tech dinosaur so excuse ignorance.

    Just got a new PC (HP) and was proud I was able to re-set up any dvd and Clone BD myself lol.

    I use a pioneer external burner and new pc is 3.0 usb

    Thing is now getting 15 FPS copying on some titles, uncompressed 48 GB types.

    On old PC usually got 40 plus at least.

    Not sure if I need to alter settings somehow as now Windows 10? Or some change to burner drivers? Or perhaps this is normal on some newer discs?

  2. Ch3vr0n

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  3. testiles

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    I think Dr John is saying he is not compressing though, so hardware acceleration probably doesn't come into play, right?

    Looking forward to seeing what does though because just like him, my newest Win 10 is slower than my old Win 7 when removing titles using CloneBD and not compressing.

    Only becomes faster when I do compression and h/w acceleration kicks in....

  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Just because you don't compress doesn't mean the GPU isn't involved. The frames still need to get "processed" in a way. Also the "Uncompressed" part isn't 100% clear, could also mean he's just using an uncompressed source (default rip), and not copying TO an uncompressed (lossless).

    We'll see when OP reports back.
  5. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Hi guys!
    Really appreciate your help.
    Again I’m no techy so excuse ignorance

    My pc is

    HP Slim Desktop PC (AMD A6-9225 / 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM / Windows 10) - English
    Model Number: 290-a0009

    I am copying a Blu-ray and clone BD automatically says no compression required at 48 GB. I’m burning straight to disc (not iso), and tried for 6x, but it’s a straight line 15 fps

    This is a new release Criterion.

    I’ve looked at the links you sent, if I understand I need to determine which type of video card or program my new HP uses and then run through the correct procedure in the list?

    Thanks so much
  6. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Seems my HP runs AMD.
    So if I understand I follow directions you sent for:

    “UVD (AMD APP) doesn't work. What do i need to do?”

    And then post report?

    (assume the video card is up to date as it’s a new pc.)
    If I have trouble understanding the directions I’ll get some help; might take a while lolol

  7. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    upload_2018-10-17_14-39-36.jpeg Not sure if this helps clarify anything.
  8. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Ok, I went to the settings page on Clone Bd
    There was NO acceration for decoding or encoding enabled so I set acceleration for UVD AMD app?

    When I try to engage getting message one driver seems to be outdated.
    AMD Radeon R4 graphics. Need newer version

    I assume this is the problem?
  9. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Ok guys:
    I restarted clone BD after changing settings to hardware acceleration. (It’s on settings top right corner of Clone BD page)

    Even though it said my driver might be outdated (weird as brand new pc) now I’m getting solid 50-60 FPS!!
    Also, never seen this before but at bottom of page it says “hardware acceration being used”.

    So I guess this solves the problem, maybe something different between windows 7 and 10? I never enabled those settings with old PC!

    Thanks for help!!!
    Really appreciate
    If anything new I will post
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Just because the PC is brand new, doesn't mean AMD hasn't released new video drivers. AMD/Nvidia generally release new drivers once a month (sometimes more).

    As to the old PC, it's processor simply may not have had a cpu GPU capable of hardware video en encoding or a video chip from AMD/Nvidia.

    As to the speed, check the most right column on the settings where you enabled hw acc. You may by able to squeeze out more fps, by setting to 'fastest' instead of 'best quality' if it's not already at 'fastest'.

    You just need to determine for yourself what's more important, faster encoding or Bette quality. But just for the record, even at 'fastest' for me personally at 42" 1080p it's still perfect an indistinguishable from a retail original disc.

    Oh and as to that message the bottom, that's perfectly normal. It's simply an inflationary
    Information message saying it's making use of your dedicated video card instead of the (slow) cpu, which accounts the increase in fps.
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  11. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    I chose the middle option between fastest speed and best quality, but I’ll give fastest a shot too.

    Re: driver updates
    There’s supposed to be a menu option at bottom of AMD window that comes up on my pc, according to their site. Mine doesn’t have it :(

    I’ll look around a bit more, or contact them about it as I’d like to keep current on updates.

    Thanks so much. Bit of a pain waiting 8 hours per disk lol!
  12. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Congrats Dr John. Looks like you took the tools Ch3vron gave you and kind of figured things out on your own :=).

    The driver-outdated message is informational and doesn't prevent or impede CloneBD from doing it's best with what you got.

    It's very likely your old PC did not even have h/w acceleration available, so you couldn't have set it.

    @Ch3vr0n you were right. Even though he's not compressing, he's doing something to cause h/w acceleration to kick in, once he activated it.

    I swear on mine, for a "copy" without compression, acceleration never kicks in. But that may be just on my computer.

    Anyway, I think I'm going to open up a new thread to try to find out what factors affect CloneBD process speed when there's just a straight copy, no compression, no acceleration.

    Because, as I said my newest PC is about half as fast in these cases as my older one.

    The new Win 10 takes about a minute per Gig. So a 40G Blu-Ray will take 40 minutes. The old Win 7 will knock it out in under 30.....

    You might need to be careful with this if you are watching your Blu Rays on a 4k TV though. Because I find they can bring out the slightest imperfections...

  13. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Nope, no 4k tv here. Just 1080p
  14. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Spoke too soon lol!!!
    With hardrive acceleration on, got 50 FPS, but three different discs wouldn’t complete processing. Got some sort of internal error code.

    So I tried re-installing Clone BD - put in a 55 GB disc and left hardware acceration OFF. But it kicked in anyway - got 150 FPS!

    But then got burn fail :(

    It’s strange - for a month I had no problems at all with new pc. FPS was always 40-70, never even knew about acceration.

    Anyhow trying a 48 GB disc now - had to turn on hard acc again.

    Will update.
    Wondering if I should just download anydvd and clone Bd on another pc?
  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    First you say 150 fps then burn fail. Which is it. If it fails during encoding, then it's not a burn fail. Burning doesn't start until encoding has finished.

    Or did encoding finish and fail during burning to blank disc?
  16. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Sorry if not clear
    It finished encoding, after very fast FPS. It asks to insert blank disc, but then burn wouldn’t start. Got message saying burn fail, try again with new medium. Second new blank disc same thing.

    Odd thing is I’ve changed nothing since earlier this week when I had a successful session. All of a sudden I got the super slow FPS, etc.

    I’m trying to encode into an iso now, getting 56 FPS on a 48 GB original disc with Hardware acceleration on. (Acceleration cane on auto with the larger disc which Clone compressed)

    Will see if copying works from an iso.

    Sorry if I’m not always clear, a lot of this new to me. I really appreciate your advice
  17. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Ok, so encoding finished. Which means it's not a Clonebd problem, but drive/blanks problem.

    What brand of discs are you using?

    BTW 150 is slow on my system ;-) at quality preferred my GTX 1080 hits 350-390fps easy, speed setting preferred cranks that up to 600+

    But my system isn't yours :) 150 beats 15 fps :)
  18. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Using the same Verbatim bd rl 50 I have for years.

    That 48 GB disc failed to encode.

    The discs I’m trying to copy have all been the most recent criterion releases that I back up for myself. I’m wondering if that’s an issue. I’m trying an older disc I know I’ve copied successfully before to see.

    Never had an issue with the Clone BD burn process before.

    Seems like all of a sudden there are different issues going on. Failed encoding, slow FPS, burn problem.

    I’ll see what happens with my older disc, maybe I will try a different PC if things don’t work out
  19. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Verbatim is good stuff. I'd just recommend getting a rewriteable BD-RE ;) so you don't waste discs.

    Provide a CloneBD logfile (click the blue button when the "burn" fails) so pete can get a look if it's an encoding issue or an actual burn issue. Also what's your drive model (or provide an anydvd logfile for that) so we can check if there's newer firmware.
  20. Dr John

    Dr John Active Member

    Will do.
    Any BD RE u recommend?

    But get this:
    I just copied an older Blu-ray, one I’d done before. It encoded ok, and is now burning fine. So I’m wondering if all my issues just have to do with original source discs? New criterion releases. Discs might be defective or perhaps something anydvd hasn’t unlocked yet?
    New Fassbinder “8 hours” and “ballad of Cortez”.

    As I say last week I copied 3-4 Blu-ray just after getting new pc and they went ok, so might be discs.

    I’m also going to see if it’s a pc/windows10 issue, by retrying problem discs on my old laptop with windows 7.

    I’ll send you updates.