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    A fully functional trial does not ruin the end product with unwanted watermarks!
    Why is this expensive program coming out now at XMAS when people are already overloaded with bills? I am very glad this program is finally out but I question the timing.
    Why do consumers have to beta test this program?
    It is very expensive and time consuming to test this program that will ruin every burn with a watermark! This is not like burning DVD's with DVD+RW's that are rewriteable and cheap and don't take so long to burn or process and every burn is permanent

    Previous owners of Any DVD HD or Clone DVD should have been given a discount apart from the 20%.
    What good is a lifetime License, Clone DVD has not been updated in a very long time! Only Any DVD is constantly updated making a lifetime purchase worth it.
    Clone BD should be backward compatible with DVD discs especially since Clone DVD is no longer updated.

    For the can't create a directory or file problem try running the program as an administrator. I'm not sure yet but it may help.

    Do this in the properties of the Clone BD startup shortcut.

    Season's Greetings to All
    M Calcagno
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    Why would you need to update CloneDVD if there's nothing that needs to be updated?

    Blu-ray discs are always changing due to the java menu's and ongoing encryption so you are more likely to need ongoing updates to a Blu-ray shrinker/convertor than you are a DVD one, especially as the DVD spec was pretty much finalized many years ago so nothing really changes with it now.
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  3. RichardB

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    Why update CloneDVD?!?!

    Let me thinks . . . . because CloneDVD ONLY creates DVD type video files. CloneBD at least converts to other file types like mp4, avi, etc. Clone BD also does several other things that CloneDVD doesn't. When I starting working with CloneBD, my first thought was, 'Wish CloneDVD did this! In fact, I wish CloneDVD would even give me a choice other that where to store the file.'