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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by aaronwt, Aug 23, 2018.

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    Is there a specific video player I need to install to be able to see video in the CloneBD preview window?

    On my six year old PC, with a 3rd gen core i5, I can see video in the preview window. But I recently setup a new Dell PC, with an 8th gen Core i5. Clone BD works great, but the preview window is blank.

    I am not doing any transcoding. I've always used the lossless audio and video option when creating an MKV.
  2. Pete

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    CloneBD is fully independent of any third party software - its only dependence is DirectX9 (for historical reasons it's 9 and not 11 or 12, basically so it will run with Windows XP).
    CloneBD's installer installs dx9 automatically, unless you tell it not to - sometimes people think, it's not required, because they already have dx12. It's not the same thing, MS went out of their way to make directx versions totally downward-incompatible.

    So check if your directx installation is complete - if so and you still have that problem, please open settings, check "show debug log" and then use the preview player.
    Any error messages should show up there in the pane "Preview Player".
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