Clone BD does't shows playlist that i want to choose.

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by gantz, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. gantz

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    I have problem with Spider-Man : Homecoming UHD.
    In this files, main movie is 00001.m2ts and this below are playlist that call 00001.m2ts
    00001.mpls (No chapter)
    00010.mpls (16 Chapter)
    00011.mpls (16 Chapter)
    00013.mpls (16 Chapter)
    00014.mpls (16 Chapter)
    00020.mpls (83 Chapter)
    00021.mpls (83 Chapter)
    00022.mpls (83 Chapter)
    00023.mpls (83 Chapter)

    When I choose partical copy. Clone BD shows only 00001.mpls,00020.mpls,00021.mpls,00022.mpls and 00023.mpls.

    - How do I Choose playlist that has 16 chapters?
    - In case like this, multi mpls to call same m2ts but difference number of chapter. In partical copy mode Clone BD does't shows chapters. Now I need to check playlist that i want (right chapter) from bdinfo. Clone bd can show chapter? I can't found it.
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    Anydvd logfile please

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  3. gantz

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    This problem is in process selection playlist. See picture, Clone BD does't show playlist that has 16 chapter.


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  4. tectpro

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    Normally CloneBD will select the correct playlist automatically.
    It works different from BDInfo, I do not think that you can compare the way the information is displayed.
  5. gantz

    gantz Active Member

    you can see in picture. Clone BD doesn't show playlist 00010.00011,00013 and 00014

    When I choose 00001 to process. After process done, there is no chapter in the movie.

    and When I choose 00020 to process. After process done, there is 83 chapters in the movie.
  6. Reto

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    CloneBD should normally show the most likely candidates - and that includes checking for a "sane" amount of chapters.
    It suppresses duplicates and trash, because some Blurays tend to have hundreds of playlists (authoring junk).

    We'll have to check why it suppresses the "good" ones in this case.
  7. gantz

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    Any Update? Try with Version still not fix.