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  1. Beeblebrox

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    Can anyone help?

    CloneBD does not work on copying (in whole or part) any BD for me.

    All other similar programs do (e.g. Nero Recode, Pavutube) but not CloneBD.

    Sound is distorted and/or high-pitched screech.
    Both video and sound keep slowing down - on any BD film or music - any region/format.

    Changed and tried many settings, formats, etc.. none make any difference. Done complete reinstall - makes no difference. Hardware acceleration, Cinavia etc. make no difference.

    Again, only happens with Clone BD - really annoyed having paid for lifetime licence.

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  2. Adbear

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    You need to post up a logfile, not much anyone can do without one. You can make one by holding down the 'Alt' key after encoding has finished.

    Did you not use the trial version before buying? That's why they give you the option.

    As most people are not getting this issue it's most likely going to be down to some conflict on your system, but without that logfile they can't even begin to start trouble shooting.
  3. Jeff53404

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    An observation: My experience with the "Alt" key is that it often works after processing has successfully finished. Unfortunately, there have been times when the "Alt" key is unstable and no buttons appear. When the program locks and the task manager is needed, the "Alt" key is unresponsive.
  4. RedFox 1

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    Can you post the link you bought the program from? And yes please post a logfile. You get support here at the forum, you do not pay for it. Elby or Slysoft does not sell extra support. Did CloneBD work when you tried the free trial? Thats why its offered, try it until you know you like it, then buy it. None the less we will help you.
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  5. Adbear

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    I assumed it just meant he'd bought a lifetime license
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  7. RedFox 1

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    Are you trying to compress already compressed video to H265?
  8. Beeblebrox

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    I am copying/ripping a Blu Ray disc directly from the drive - into H264 ( I am aware that H265 is still not perfect). MKV or MP4 - both have same problem. There is no option to change the codec if you select MP4 for most any device I can see (Archos/Microsoft/Sony/Apple) in any case. As an aside, that is one shortcoming of BDClone in comparison to its competitors - the lack of a custom configuration - however let;s get it working first!

    And yes... I suspect this is system-related - but it has brought out a bug, and clearly other bd ripping programs work fine. The system is however squeaky clean Windows 7 ultimate x64.
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  9. RedFox 1

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    You could have found this out using the trial, the developer are aware of everything you mentioned. It will have better custom configuration than any of those other programs you mentioned. Elby will be releasing another update soon, most customers are very satisfied with the program, I am sorry you are not, however you should have used the free trial. ou can send that log into , I have no issues with H264 with .mp4 or mkv.
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  10. Beeblebrox

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    Firstly - I have never said I did not use the free trial- you have just assumed that

    Secondly - even if someone had not tried the trial, that does not obviate you from producing quality and functional program in any case- legally and ethically

    Thirdly - No need to be curt, I am quite philosophical about the problem and willing to work with you for a solution - or money back - But I am not screaming and shouting.

    Fourthly (is that a word?) if as you say..... "the developer is aware of everything I mentioned" then that pre-supposes there is a solution - or at least some knowledge you can impart; or you are aware of imperfections in your product. The fact that it works fine for you is superfluous and not terribly helpful.

    Finally - I have already sent a bug report, but pending the response which I still await, I was hopeful that I may find some ideas on here or at least something to try from people with some ideas and experience of might be wrong.
    If anyone else watching this thread has any ideas please feel free to suggest anything I might try.
  11. RedFox 1

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    The program is quite functional and many like it just fine, maybe one of the developers can help you more,I find no issues with converting to H264. Maybe a developer can see some thing I cannot. Have a happy healthy holiday.
  12. Beeblebrox

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    I hve sent four emails each time I have been requested and several log files. The log files look ok because it finishes transcoding.. it is just what is transcoded is not right.

    Slysoft have passed the buck to Elaborate Bytes (which I sort of understand technically... but not ethically) and Elaborate Bytes are just saying there is nothing wrong and refusing to do anything, despite the evidence to the contrary. They just clsoe the tickets.

    Please do not buy this software yet. It is not just the parts they say they are developing - it is the core programme.. and if your system is one which doesn't like it, the more software and higher grade your system the worse, you cannot expect the time of day from Elaborate Bytes- let alone help or a refund.

    PS. I would be pleased to remove/edit this text when the matter is resolved or it is proved factually incorrect...
  13. Beeblebrox

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    of course YOU find no error converting to H264... it is not your system which is having the problem. That's a bit like you breaking your leg and me telling you your leg is fine because mine doesn't hurt
  14. Beeblebrox

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    AND JUST TO CONFIRM... I have tried the latest update out today....