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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by CraigR, Aug 28, 2016.

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    I was wondering if it might be possible to add the ability to CloneBD to select specific audio and subtitle tracks when creating an ISO, like tsMuxeR GUI (see attached screenshot). I am probably missing something in the CloneBD GUI that will allow me to drill down and select the specific tracks I want to reduce the ISO image to a minimum size.

    To be clear, when I select English audio and subtitle tracks CloneBD automatically selects ALL matching tracks. I just want an ISO with, for example, maybe the 7.1 instead of an included 5.1 English audio track and just the main English subtitle track.

    Also, on several discs, I have noticed that CloneBD does not seem to display ALL of the playlists and that the auto-selected playlist (and the only one available to choose) is not the correct playlist as identified using PowerDVD and Process Monitor (which is always 100% correct).

    Just in case a CloneBD software engineer reads this, please understand that this post is not a complaint or rant against CLoneBD. I think CloneBD is a really user-friendly program that is constantly getting better with each update. I just want to not keep having to revert to tsMuxeR to create an ISO with just the disc features and or playlist(s) that I want to keep.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide any assistance with these issues!

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    go into the title selection screen => on the right click the small orange tab. It'll pop out. Select your stream, done
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    Thanks, Ch3vr0n! I knew I had to be missing something in the interface relating to the audio and subtitle streams. I wish I could select or verify the playlist number from that same interface as the "clip" number that you get when hovering over the timeline does not always match the required playlist(s). To be fair, CloneBD will generally list the "Title" number correctly (e.g. Title 5 for playlist 00005) - just not every time.

    Thanks again for the help and the quick response!
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  5. Fabian

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    The title number is the same as the playlist ident. When you hover the mouse over the snapshot images on the selection page you sometimes see the title divided into sections separated by a red vertical line. These sections are the clips and a tool tip will show you the clip ident as well.
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    Mr. Steiner, Thank you so much for taking the time to post to this thread. Yes sir, I knew that the displayed "Title" number corresponded to the MPLS number. As I stated above, I have run into instances where (for some reason) the "Title" number that I have identified with PowerDVD and Process Monitor to be the correct MPLS file (or "playlist" if you prefer) is not available to select in the CloneBD interface. That is the only reason I was curious if it would be possible to add the ability to navigate and manually select a known good playlist like you can via tsMuxeR.

    Again, I think CloneBD is a great program as is and I can certainly work around the occasional issues that crop up with specific discs. Thank you for all the time and effort you and your team have put into CloneBD!
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    That's because the process monitor trick doesn't work anymore. The screenpass protection has been updated to now use "cached" playlists. PowerDVD loads the correct sequence under the playlist number of a fake one and shows that one as the "playlist number".
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    Ch3vron - thanks again, buddy! I did not realize that is what was happening. That explains the playlist discrepancies I have run into on some discs. I'll be sure to use the capabilities of AnyDVD-HD and CloneBD to make the best judgment of the correct title for the ISO and then verify via playback prior to transcoding. You're a lifesaver, my friend!

    Mr. Steiner - I'm an idiot, please disregard my response to your very kind post.
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    No worries, glad I could help