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    What would be a good cleaner to use toclean my pc burner
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    Compressed air. If you need to clean the outer surface or the tray.....use a 50/50 solution of Isopropyl alcohol and water.
    You can also use alcohol and a Q-Tip to GENTLY clean the lense.
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    I just dont get why it is not reaching?
    Anyway did you try to clean the lens with the help of Cleaning disc. You can try it.:agree:
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    The case needs to be removed to clean the lense with a Q-Tip but air will usually take care of it. The cleaning discs with the little brushes are NOT good to use. The brushes can misalign the lense.
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    I can never put a new thread on this site. I alway's have to enter the thread on someone elses thread. I have clone dvd and any dvd. They have been working for me perfectly for me for years. All of a sudden both my drives on my hp pc stopped working. Neither will play anything. This hp pc is only one year old. Is ther anything i can do.
    Thanks so much.
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    Do the drives show in Device manager? If so, Uninstall the drives (in Device Manager), reboot and Windows will reinstall them.

    To start a new thread. Clik on the appropriate area for your new thread. i.e. CD/DVD Drives.
    Look in the upper left hand corner of your screen and look for "New Thread".


    Clik there and you will get a new screen.

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    click and follow the steps in order (notice that step 4 requires you to post information) please
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    How do i change my user name