Clean WinXP Install Locking Up w/ AnyDVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by aograin, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. aograin

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    Hello everyone,

    First post here. I have searched the forum but have not been able to find an answer to my problem. I have just installed WinXP w/SP2 and (no other third party programs besides Anydvd & DVD Decrypter) and have updated the SPTD-layer files. Yet.. everytime I insert a dvd it scans it and then when I try to rip the disk to the hardrive my entire system locks up. My hard drive is DMA enabled. I have not installed any system updates to try to narrow this down.

    My dvd drive: SONY DVD RW AW-G170S 1.72 DEC14,2006 (SATA)

    AnyDVD Version: (Registered)

    If you can provided any help it would be appriciated :agree:
  2. James

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    What are SPTD-layer files?
  3. aograin

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    SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD) layer (32 bit). Basically SPTD is similar to other access layers used by other programs who provide access to storage devices but it has a lot more features that make this interface unique.

    I installed them from one of the FAQ thread that had to do with programs that interfere with AnyDVD. It didn't help.

    AnyDVD seems to get the disk ready but when I go to rip the DVD it works for about 3sec and then the computer locks up and the HD activity light stays lit.
  4. Webslinger

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    :confused: Why would you install a program that I said interfered with Anydvd?

    a)Click the red fox icon on your toolbar.
    b) Navigate to "Program Settings".
    c) Click "enable logging".
    d) Click "ok".
    e) Put the problematic disc in your optical drive/reader.
    f) Go to your My Documents folder
    g) You will see a zip file called ""
    h) When replying or posting in the Slysoft forums, look for the icon that looks like [​IMG]
    i) if you don't see that icon, click the "go advanced" button. You should see that icon now. Click the paperclip.
    j) a small pop-up screen should appear (if it doesn't please ensure your browser is enabled to allow pop-ups from the Slysoft forums)
    k) click the "Browse" button, and locate and select the .zip file you created.
    l) click "upload"
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    Attached is a log file.

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    I didn't see it on the list and it was recomended by a senior member. If you think it is the cause then I can try to fix it, but it was giving me this problem before I updated the SPTD layer file
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  7. Webslinger

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    I doubt it.

    1. Update to Anydvd

    2. How are you trying to rip this disc? I hope you're not using decrypter, because that would not be a smart choice.
    click and read fully please (in particular steps 1 and 3, which are the only options that will work properly)
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    I'll update AnyDVD. My end goal is to just make a .iso of the entire DVD. I was using DVD Decryter to do this after AnyDVD was doen removing the copy protection from the disk. Would you recomend that I use soemthing else like "MagicISO" ?
  9. Webslinger

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    No. I would recommend Clonedvd, Clonecd, or Anydvd ripper+Imgburn (freeware)

    I recommend never using Decrypter, and that is probably your problem with this disc
  10. aograin

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    I installed ImgBurn and unistalled DVD Decrypter but my system is still locking up. AnyDVD seems to read the disk fine. When I try to read the disk to burn it into an .iso image the program (ImgBurn) starts imaging the disk for a few seconds then drops to x0.0 read speed and the system locks up.

    This is frustrating because I can't firgure out why this is such an issue on a computer that was just installed.

    I am thankful for all your help.
  11. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    As I wrote earlier, you need to use Anydvd ripper. Then you use imgburn on that rip.

    Right click red fox icon on your toolbar. Select "rip video-dvd to harddisk".
    Then you use imgburn to build an .iso
    You can find imgburn guides here: click

    Update to Anydvd first.

    click and read fully please
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  12. aograin

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    I will try that. For now I am going to table this issue untill I look into if this may be a hardware issue.

  13. Webslinger

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    While you may be experiencing a hardware issue, it's possible that the original disc is damaged or (and this is my belief) the protection on the disc will not work with the methods you've been using. The methods I mentioned will work, provided the disc isn't damaged.