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    Hello, have been away as a guest of the government for a while, which I cannot recommend, so not up to speed. What I would like to know is does redfox sort the cinavia issue, if so how?
    Thanks for your time.
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    Cinavia gets addressed in 2 ways through settings in AnyDVD (and CloneBD for blu-rays). In anydvd's program settings there are the bottom 2 checkboxes.

    1) "Prevent cinavia detection by software player": this setting in anydvd prevents software players such as PowerDVD from detecting the signal. This setting does NOT remove the signal itself, and is enabled by default.
    2) "Remove cinavia during CloneBD audio stream copy": this setting only works in combination with CloneBD and actively removes it, but with an audio quality loss, and requires cloneBD as well and downconverting of the audio to AC3

    The cinavia REMOVAL fix does NOT work (yet) on DVD's.
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    Thanks for the reply Ch3vr0n , much appreciated (by the way ,is there a guide for this anywhere?)
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    a guide to what?

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    Are you stupid, or are you just being your usual obnoxious self?
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    I don't know tech details, but I know:

    1). Cinavia exist in most of Blu-Ray and 4K UHD Blu-Ray sound tracks.
    2). But only "Sony" issues copy can't play normally at most players (hard and soft). Test Sony for new patch ANY DVD HD for avoid Cinavia catch by players.
    3). For play by soft, old BD and 3D, I can easy use ATMT 5 with 3D plag-in. It don't have cinavia check. (After ArcSoft issue ATMT 6, with Cinavia check - ArcSoft go bust...
    4). Main problem for me - it's 3D Sony hard disc copy play, and HD sound thacks with UHD movie. And I can, but don't want. rip HD movie sound tracks, to ac3, for ignore Cinavia.

    Best way you must to do somthing with this Sony Tracks. I tried to use DVD Ranger for delete Cinavia, but they cheaters. I don't know any, who deleted Cinavia from HD sound tracks clear without crack to ac3. No ONE.
    Only bla-bla from there support...
    Yes, thay can reform normal HD sounds to ac3, but this sound as crap.
    Better to buy disc in shop, that hearing this "non-cinavia" sound.
    Try to do some one for this one.
    I understand, you can't do anythinkg with ACSS 2.0 yet, but to do somthing with Cinavia from Sony discs.
    In other case - no reasons to by new Any DVD HD. What for?
    Try to do somthing...
    Best regard.
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    Thanks for your reply Serg1004 ,I have just tried <snip> and it works a treat. Redfox not a good deal , not very helpful at all.
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    Watch the language, especially towards a member of the forum staff. May i suggest you re-read the first forum rule. And no i'm not being stupid or obnoxious. You didn't say what you wanted a "guide" to.

    A guide to detecting it?
    A guide to removing it?
    A guide to what exactly...
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    Redfox needs to go that last bit of step in the Cinavia removal process, in that have an option to output the fixed audio as something other than Dolby Digital / AC3, in particular uncompressed PCM. Many folks (like myself) have decent audio systems together with the tools to put together 5.1 or 7.1 (or better) DTS-HD/MA tracks from PCM (lots of which in the past has been used to remux TrueHD which many stand-alone players still don't handle completely correctly, if at all (I have both an older Sony and Samsung which take one look at TrueHD and 'throw up').

    Dolby may be 'good enough' for either occasional use or for those using the 3" tinny speakers that are on most flat screens these days, but that's about it. Now, I have 6 older 1st and 2nd generation bluray players that have, of course, no problem with this, but sooner or later down the road, they'll stop working due to one thing or another, and then what...?

    I moved to Anydvd several years ago after running through a rough patch with the 'competition', and has performed excellently ever since; but it really appears that the number/percentage of titles that use it has been on the rapid increase as of late.
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    Oh man, come on Ch3vr0n, loosen up, drop your ego and try to be helpful.

    nebostrangla got it right without any sour comments.
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    I don't have an ego or posted any sour comments. Yes I knew/know about the tutorials, the reason is simple why I asked what I asked. To know which guide to point him to.

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    Guys, you are looks like Clinton's staff after loose. All talk about (who did this), but not at the main (madam Clinton are cheater).
    The theame is Cinavia. What are you talking about? Rules,... rules for rules etc.

    For me - Cinavia problem solved (just did cool broach for player, ignore Cinavia, use BD.iso, etc.).

    Now my main problem - AACS 2.0. I have lot 4K discs, and want crack them all.
    Any chance? Smurfs 2 cracked.
    Ready to pay for AnyDVD 4K UltraHD...
    What you say?
  14. Ch3vr0n

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    Smurfs 2 cracked? Hardly, all current evidence points to flawed keys that were exploited. That worked for THAT specific disc version only. That's NOT cracking aacs 2.0 that affects ALL uhd discs.

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  15. BrianG61UK

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    You want a super high quality version of the somewhat poor quality sound left after Cinavia has been removed?
  16. James

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    The Cinavia removal is just for the casual viewer. Well, listener. IMHO it sucks. There are many better options, where the audio doesn't need to be touched. A HTPC with AnyDVD's Cinavia blocker for example. Too expensive or complicated? Any media player will do. From Amazon FireTV to WDTV. Want a luxury version with 4k, HDR, Netfix & Co, too? Nvidia Shield with Kodi.
    None of these options require Cinavia to be removed. IMHO burning discs and playing them in a standalone player is just time consuming and, quite frankly, a thing of the past.
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    I agree.
    Also a tool for removing Cinavia with real high fidelity would seem too much like a tool that's much more for pirates than it is for people who just want to be able to watch on a device of their choice.
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    I did this (burning discs and playing...). 80% discs OK. But all discs from Sony Picture (like Amazing-Spiderman 1, 2, MIB 3, Priest, Pixels etc) got Cinavia after 20 min as usual, at any playrs which I have...
    Except last one - OPPO-203 with audiofil broach which: off control Cinavia totally, work with folders and .iso same as ATMT-6 and lot more. Then I don't have Cinavia problem anymore.
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