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    I bought my daughter "The Secret Life of Pets" for Christmas and ripped it using AnyDVD HD and Clown_BD. The sound didn't work. On closer inspection in Clown_BD I could see that the audio stream said something about "TureHD, unknown parameters." I figured I would try CloneBD. I had that same result. No sound. I like to make lossless copies of my discs so I don't usually play with converting audio. However, this time I tried many different options but still now sound.

    I searched the web and forums and found out about Cinavia. I also learned that it has to be turned on in AnyDVD HD. I turned it on but still no sound using either Clown_BD. When I tried to do it CloneBD I also got no sound. I tried to convert the audio to DTS and Clown_BD runs for about 15 seconds and says it is done with no error message.

    I went back to the web to learn about Cinavia and found a utility called CinEx HD. It claims to be able to remove Cinavia without any sort of audio effects (they specifically refer to echo). I was able to find audio comparisons between the CinEX and the CloneBD solutions and the CinEx sounded better. So I have a few questions.

    1) Why would anyone want to turn off "Remove Canvia" in AnyDVD HD? Why is it even an option? Should I just leave it on all the time?
    2) How do I use AnyDVD HD with CloneBD and with Clown_BD to remove Cinavia? (CinEx did detect Cinavia in Secret Life of Pets Audio)
    2) Is it worth $40 to buy CinEx to remove Canivia or can I get just as good a quality as AnyDVD HD without it?

    Thank you.
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    NO audio is not the same as what Cinavia does. Cinavia mutes the audio after a certain period of time. If your copy has NO audio at all, something else is wrong but we'd need to know a few things about what you're trying to do. What format are you trying to back it up to? A disc image? MKV? What player are you using for playing back the copy that is showing no audio? I can check Secret Life of Pets in a few and see if it has Cinavia but that doesn't seem to be the issue here.

    Just checked...doesn't seem to contain Cinavia so that's not the problem.
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    If you get NO SOUND from the start, then it's NOT cinavia and you need to provide a CloneBD logfile so the developers can find out whats rong

    1) That depends on your playback method. There's 2 settings relating to cinavia inside anydvd. The first one patches the SOFTWARE player (like PowerDVD) to not DETECT the signal (and thus no audio quality reduction) the second actually REMOVES it, but only in combination with audio downscaling in CloneBD
    2) tick the removal box in anydvd, select downconvert audio in CloneBD and done. With Clown_BD you don't, anydvd's removal fix does NOT work with any other product than CloneBD
    3) YOU have to decide that for yourself. You're comparing apples with oranges and anydvd cannot remove cinavia on it's own.
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    Here is the log file that is produced after I attempt to remove Cinavia with CloneBD.

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    The million dollar question here: Did you get NO SOUND from the start after conversion or did you have sound but it cut out around 20min's later?
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    I am making an ISO file. I am playing back using a Popcorn Hour VTEN hooked to a Vizio Sound Bar using an optical cable.

    Ch3vr0n, I missed that there are two options in AnyDVD related to Cinavia. Is there ever a good reason to turn these off? If I down convert in CloneBD will I hear tht echo sound effect?
  7. mstrong

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    No sound
  8. mstrong

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    I also get no sound on other discs I just checked.

    Hunger Games 3 Parts 1 and 2

    These all appear to have Cinavia protection when I use CinEx to check them. Does CloneBD identify this as well?

    Regardless, I get no sound at all.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    if you get no sound from the start, then it's not a cinavia issue. Cinavia cuts the audio after a certain length of time. And yes, as said a few times now, if you use the title preview player thats in CloneBD, it does detect cinavia yes.

    Whats your player, what are you playing (disc or file) and how are you playing them
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    No sound at all is not what Cinavia does. Cinavia mutes the sound after a certain period of time. But you didn't answer my questions about what format are you backing up to (ISO, disc, mkv, etc?) and what player you're using to play these titles back. It matters.
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    I really appreciate the help.

    I don't use the CloeBD player very often so I have not seen that functionality before. I was looking for some sort of icon. I didn't realize it was a popup window that appeared after a while.

    All of my movies are ISO files stored on a Drobo 5N. They stream to a popcorn hour VTEN media player. The player is connected to my TV via HDMI and to a sound bar using an optical cable. Is this the info you are looking for?

    Does the log file I posted shed any light on this?
  12. SamuriHL

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    That certainly helps. I suspect that the movies you're having problems with are TrueHD. The way you have your sound connected would likely have difficulty decoding the TrueHD tracks. Try keeping the AC3 audio track and see if that gives you audio.
  13. Ch3vr0n

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    Since this is NOT a CloneBD issue i'm moving this to a more proper section. The issue is with your playback device.
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    I will try to rip again with CloneBD. I tried that a few times in Clown_BD but it gave me warnings on the AC3 audio and wouldn't complete a rip. I only use Clown_BD because of forced subtitles, which, to my understanding, are no supported in CloneBD.

    What is it about my setup that would make it have problems playing TrueHD? I am always looking for ways to improve my setup.

    I guess I can assume from all of this that there is a strong correlation between TrueHD and Cinavia since it appears that all of my problem discs are both TrueHD and show as having Cinavia protection. Would it be safe to assume that if my setup could play TrueHD on these problem discs I would lose audio after 20 minutes? I know you can say for sure.

    I think CloneBD was stopping the rips prematurely when I tried to down convert the audio previously. I a trying it again now on a beefier computer and it is running just fine. Can this be confirmed with the log file I attached at the beginning of this post?
  15. SamuriHL

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    To be clear this problem is NOT related to Cinavia at all. Your chosen player doesn't even support Cinavia detection so that's not the issue. Also, for the record, TrueHD is not tied to Cinavia in any way. Plenty of discs have DTS-HD MA and Cinavia.

    You're going through your TV and then outputting the audio from the TV to your sound bar using an optical cable. Optical cables are unable to support HD formats like DTS-HD MA and TrueHD. They can support DTS and AC3 audio. You'd need a dedicated receiver or sound bar with HD audio support in order to play back these discs with TrueHD and/or DTS-HD MA. The reason you don't likely have issues with DTS-HD MA tracks is they have an embedded DTS audio track. That is not true of TrueHD and is typically a separate AC3 audio track.

    If you need help ripping such titles, let us know and we'll assist. But again, this has nothing to do with Cinavia at all. I confirmed that Secret Life of Pets is TrueHD but NOT Cinavia.
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    Awesome and thank you. This has been a big help. Two last questions (I hope).

    1) When I put The Secret Life of Pets in my computer and play it using CloneBD it says it has Cinavia protection. Could this be wrong?
    2) If I always use a network streaming device like the one I am using now is it safe to say that Cinavia will not be a problem? Would it only be a problem if I tired to burn it to a disc and then play it back on a Bluray Player of some sort?
  17. SamuriHL

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    Nope, CloneBD is right if it's telling you that. We may have different versions. So that's entirely possible, but, it won't impact you either way. That's correct that your network streaming device will simply ignore Cinavia. If you try to play a backup that does not have Cinavia removed in a licensed player like PowerDVD or a stand alone player, then yes, it will impact your playback after about 20 minutes of playing.
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    Popcorn hour doesnt support TrueHD audio, you need to convert the audio to a format it does support
  19. James

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    With AnyDVD installed it won't. ;)
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    Well, fair enough. ;)