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    I know of the issues with Cinavia on blu-ray but for some reason I am getting the same issue on some DVD backups. I am also getting the narrator voice over on some DVD's with no option to change to regular audio.
    I have double checked and the drives on my PC are set specific to Region 1. This fixed the CSS failure issues. Is there a specific audio I need to check (ie: AC3/2 or AC3/6) to eliminate the narrator?
    My apologies if this should have been in the CLoneDVD thread instead of here.
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    Ac3/2 is usually commentary. Cinavia isn't exclusively used on bd's. It's very old news that it's on DVD's too. Primarily Sony / lionsgate releases

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    1) Play your DVD on a DVD player and you will have no Cinavia issues. Only comes into play on post 2012 Bluray players.
    2) As Ch3vron stated, Director's Comments and extras are generally AC-3/2 tracks, while the main movie is generally an AC-3/6 track.