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    Created a partial disc to disc copy of 'Passengers' the other day and decided to also keep one other intro title. In the final window I chose to 'order titles in menu' selecting the intro title to played first however CloneBD did not respect my choices and directly played the main movie instead.

    More annoying perhaps was that CloneBD failed to alert me during the setup process as to the presence of a Cinavia watermark. As a result I've wasted yet another disc and after just 20 minutes playback, Cinavia muted all sound. :eek:

    See attached log file..


    I just tried doing this title again except that this time I chose to down-sample the HD Audio. All appeared to be going well until transcoding reached 4% and then my computer completely froze!! At first I thought the batteries in my mouse were flat but then I noticed all activity in CloneBD had also frozen. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del had no effect on my system and after waiting for a while my only option was to re-boot.

    I've been running Windows 10 on this computer since first launch and this is the first time it's ever frozen. As CloneBD was the only application running can only assume it caused some kind of instability. :(

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    You seem to be talking about two different things there.
    "Order titles in menu" does just that: order titles in menu - the disc menu will list them in the order you selected. If you had "directly play main title" checked, it also does just that: play the main title right away.
    Those two things are two completely distinct things.

    CloneBD will tell you about Cinavia when playing back the movie. It needs to actually play the audio to detect the watermark.
    So - ideally - you play the main feature in CloneBD's preview player and seek somewhere into the movie (the beginning is usually pretty silent, so the watermark is hard to detect there).

    CloneBD is a pure user mode application - as such it can't cause such a serious failure.
    A freezing computer is the result of either hardware or a kernel mode driver failing (hardware problem is more likely).

    Judging from your log file - your graphics adapter is too old to allow for hardware accelerated transcoding, so CloneBD has to use your CPU.
    My guess is that your CPU overheated in the process, maybe due to a failing or weak CPU fan.

    So CloneBD may have triggered that, as there are few applications that really make full use of your CPU, but the actual reason is more likely a hardware one.

    I suggest you download this tool:

    Run it and then let CloneBD process a disc - then keep an eye on the temperatures.

    These days such cooling failures go unnoticed a lot, because CPUs reduce their power consumption way more than they used to, as long as they are hardly under stress.
    Which they rarely are, because they are mostly just nodding off waiting for key strokes.
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    It sounds like I've obviously misunderstood those first settings you mentioned, I thought the whole point of ordering the titles was so that you could tell CloneBD which one to play first which in my case was the intro. Presumably therefore if I want to play the intro first automatically it can't be done? Can I assume 'Main Title' refers to the actual 'Main Movie'?

    As for Cinavia being detected, I'm not sure if I can agree on that, I've done two other movies with Cinavia and I''m pretty sure I didn't use the preview player. The Cinavia warning just appeared in the transcoding window. Thanks for the advice anyway, I'll monitor this more closely next time.

    You might be right about ageing hardware though I don't believe this is the case in this situation. CloneBD has crashed quite a few times since I've been using it but most times I think I caused the crash by switching back and forth between the various windows too quickly to check my settings. Most times when this happens CloneBD becomes unresponsive and refuses to shut down the application. In almost all situations the only option is to exit the application via Task Manager but even then it can be quite stubborn taking several minutes to eventually quit. I do already have CPU,HDD, Fan & GPU monitoring software on my PC in the form of the motherboards own ASUS EPU4 Engine which intelligently monitors and controls various speeds/voltages. Usually if I'm pushing the CPU it changes to 'High Performance' mode at which point I can hear the fans speeding up dramatically, this didn't happen when the computer froze yesterday.

    Re-the cpuid tool you mention, does that work with AMD processors? If so I'll give it a try and see what's happening.
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    Further to my last, I repeated the steps carried out in my first post above and this time the movie processed to disc without causing a system freeze :) Obviously it would be foolish of me to rule out ageing hardware altogether but as CloneBD has acted in unexpected ways on several other occasions I'm laying my bets that something else is causing program instability, I'm certainly not the only person to mention these kind of issues in these forums. At a guess I would say it's either hardware related or conflicting software or both.

    BTW, you'll be pleased to note that down-sampling the HD Audio solved the issue with Cinavia so at least I'm making some headway, if only I could figure how to play the titles in the order I choose, i.e. intro first. Perhaps you can enlighten me some more on that aspect?