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    Not cinavia

    Cinavia does not need to do it's thing and not tell you so forget cinavia in your scenario. That would not affect an original anyway, right? And for the copy it might be helpful to know what you see when you try to play that.

    There ARE indeed some players out there that will not play all discs as manufacturing methods in Asia can "drift" a little and a disc off-spec in the other direction may give you playing issues. Not a protection thing at all. Same for the copies. There is usually a good hardware reason why these won't play.
  3. In light of new legislation in the UK, specifically the legal right to make a backup of, and format-shift, music, video and presumably software (make portable?)

    I wonder if Cinavia will be an issue much longer.
    By that I mean how can the government allow it AND maintain corporations right to use DRM, CSS etc., to prevent it from happening?
    Seems a bit of a conundrum.

    To my knowledge nobody has effectively 'cracked' Cinavia. Yet, with it present, people wont be able to back up their discs.
    I am seriously hoping that the UK may have the first officials with the gonads to free us of all this ineffective, but frustrating, 'protection'.
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    just because they make it legal to create backups of your discs, doesn't mean the studios won't do everything they can to prevent u to do so.
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    And the game of cat and mouse was born ;) LOL!
  6. I accept that, but because its enshrined in law, the government can be pressured to make it a requirement, even if the studios concerned have to supply custom software to facilitate it.
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    That's wishfull thinking, i'd sooner believe they'd rather stop shipping movies on any type of carrier to the UK than provide that software or hardware.
  8. I find myself having to concur. I am more inclined to believe the studios would offer a voucher scheme for a cheap replacement. I can also the government backpedalling by Christmas and saying it's statement was misinterpreted.
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    Cinavia on Samsung

    What is the latest firmware update that you have, or doesn't have Cinavia, and how or where do I get it? I have never updated my Samsung since I bought it a year and a half ago. I'm already having problems with certain new Bly-ray 3D's that won't play, unless I either buy a new player, or update. Fear of Cinavia getting onto my Samsung 6900 has kept me away from even trying to find out how to update, thanks for any help you can supply me.
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    DVD upscaling

    Do all the DVD players that upscale have Cinavia installed on them? Was looking to get just DVD player that would upconvert and not a BlueRay.

    Thanks for your time.

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    No. Cinavia is not a part of the official dvd standard (i think) although it is applied on some dvds. It is a part of the official bluray standard. Wether the player does upscaling or not is irrelevant.
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    I have a question...
    I have some ANYDVDHD backups from a few years ago...recently they would only play if they were on 50g discs, on my Vizio connected to my wifi.
    The same time-backed up 25g discs would eject.
    Recently I found the 25 g would play in an older Panasonic BD player.
    I have the" backed up 50 g BDs" put away, so I can't check them in the older unit and my Vizio (which, while no longer on wifi, must've been upgraded thru wifi).
    Is this Cinavia at work?
    Since all upgrades over the wifi can change the software, is any BD player to be useless to play BD backups soonest?
    I remember the problems I had not upgrading my Vizio occasionally, it would stop playing BD until I did an online upgrade.

    So far all DVDs do fine one my BD player.
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    cinavia has nothing do with wifi. Sounds like those discs are going bad.
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    Going bad on a newer BD player but play fine on an older one?
    That doesn't seem logical...
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    One player isn't another. It may be that the old one simply is less picky about the disc quality or that the quality is fine but that it just doesn't like the brand of blanks you used. And that last one is not a random thing. Blank disc quality can vary immensely from crappy as you can get like Memorex to best there is as verbatim or tayo yuden.

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    Considering we know nothing of what kinda standalone players your are using we can only guess one as another poster says is less picky and one is to way to picky about the media type. So unless you can provide more details is goes like this either the players are of different QC or media is of poor quality and is degrading and the pickier player detects it and fails on it.
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    Since the discs are all Verbatim, no quality problem there.
    And of course reading what I posted helps.
    The Vizio has played the Discs with no problems over a year or so; the problem has just happened a few months ago.
    When I moved to the house where the 4 year old Panasonic BD player is, it played the 25g BD disc easily and quality has not changed.

    So, if my question of "is this a Cinavia problem" is no, leave it at that.
    I didn't really want opinions on quality or picky machines, it is none of those reasons.
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    It is not Cinavia. Period.

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    Cinavia level 3 protection

    The third level of Cinavia not only detects pirated movies, it also shows viewers of pirated movies ways of legally obtaining the movie.


    Source: MYCE
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