Cinavia Error with WinDVD Pro 11 Only

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    Running an HTPC with Windows 10 64 bit, latest patched WinDVD Pro 11 and AndDVD HD. I am getting the Cinavia Message 3 error when watching newer (within the last year or so) store bought, original BDs. I even got the error message when I played a DVD once - very weird. It was the Victory At Sea documentary series that I bought last year. I never used to get the Cinavia message when playing that DVD series or older BDs.

    The AnyDVD setting for preventing Cinavia detection is enabled, and the fox turns blue when watching. I experimented by downloading the trial for PowerDVD 15 ultra, and it works perfectly. No Cinavia messages. I didn't change anything on the hardware or software side. I opened a case with Corel Support, and they said to reinstall WinDVD using another user account. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I don't think I should have to.

    Screenshots of the settings as well as a log file from AnyDVD will get attached soon.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Are you running 11.6? They slipstreamed a new version of the 11.6 update. The original version was what SlySoft used to defeat Cinavia detection on WinDVD, but the new version still detects it some times even though the fox turns purple (which means it should be defeating detection). No one could find any rhyme or reason behind why it was happening.
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    Hey thanks for the advice. I'm running 11.7, so if AnyDVD hasn't been updated to work with 11.6, then same probably goes for 11.7 as well. I will go ahead and uninstall WinDVD and bring it up to something older than 11.6 and give it a try. I'm also finally attaching my log file and screenshots.

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    @Bubba Blaster

    edited your post and removed the pdf file for security reasons. Both your full name and serial number were visible in the pdf file. You are welcome to post a new pdf file with that info, but i urge you to black out your license info.

    @James your presence is requested. Seems like AnyDVD's cinavia detectino prevention will need an update to work with a new WinDVD version 11.7
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    Ah, thank you for pointing that out. I have re-attached the screenshots without this. Thanks!

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