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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by peseedo, Oct 26, 2017.

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    I'm sorry I assume Blu-ray because I go with the flow, I don't copy or use DVD movies no more but people still do. Yes CloneBD is for Blu-ray.

    If your into DVD's you'll need AnyDVD or else you won't be able to copy the disc. To make a long story short and sweet. I'm aware there are other programs that copy DVD's. But there trash compared to AnyDVD. That's my opinion so no one get's bent out of shape.

    You must understand I have no clue what your using to play your movies nor do I know if your using a computer to watch movies.

    To be honest forget about AVI that format came out in like 1991 around there. MKV if you wanted that is ok. But when you talk DVD to me it's like talking VHS tapes from 30 years ago.

    Maybe think about moving up to Blu-ray, It isn't expensive and been out awhile. Other then that I haven't used a DVD in years to watch a movie.

    There are other products here that deal with DVD's when used with AnyDVD
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    Ok I will. Im just an old timer, stuck in his ways LOL. so how much will this anyDVD cost
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    There is CloneDVD for DVD's...I'm not a spring chicken my friend. I'd love to be 21 again. Just ain't going to happen.

    Prices are listed on this site. You have to determine what YOU want, I'm just a member here like you.
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    so all I would need then is cloneBD and also clonedvd how much is that going to cost me
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    Sir, I am a member here like you. As far as costs just look it up on the site here it will tell you. If your into DVD's CloneDVD is what you need with AnyDVD. Not CloneBD.

    I'm lifetime, that means pay once...There are other options like 1 year etc. That's up to you.

    Cinavia, I don't worry about it. If you do that's because of hardware or software you have. Or else it would not trouble you.
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    BTW your Cinavia problem can be fixed easy. It's your hardware player or software player that detects Cinavia. Fix that then you never have Cinavia worries.

    You must understand i'm a cloner which means what you see on a original disc is what I want to see on the copy. But I don't care about Cinavia or blank discs for that matter.
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    ok so both together is 119 euros 105GBP yes i realise cloneDVD wont detect cinavia, as you said earlier only cloneBD does that

    ok thanks

    Yes as was told CloneBD checks for cinavia
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    Hi, ok i am unbeknown to this but how do you get powerdvd windvd or whatever to be on a blu-ray player and get rid of cinavia detection?? I bought parents a blu-ray player.. unfortunatly that had cinavia detection (yup even muted on an original disk) which instant put me off. I was happy that my blu-ray player was still doing its job (but now it turns on and off constantly without warning), took it to the store and they checked and said it would have to be sent to be repaired, thing is it would cost 2x more than it cost to buy new. Now all players detect cinavia, i wont buy a new player because of this, especially when it cuts out on purchased dvd's (at times). Is very annoying. So i usually just run things through my PC thesedays but i would like to watch on a big and proper TV.
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    You don't. PowerDVD is a software based Blu-ray player, where AnyDVD can do it's magic to prevent it detecting cinavia.

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    If your PC has an HDMI port, connect the cable to your TV.
  12. TheEmpathicEar

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    Can you throw up a screenshot of where to look in CloneBD to see if a Blu-Ray has Cinavia?
    EDIT: I am looking at Source>Copy Mode>Target>Summary right now.
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    Nice 2 year old thread Necro. That said, just click on the 'play' icon in the middle of the title on the 'title preview' screen. When the title has cinavia, it's Bert the beaver up top that will tell you.

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    Sorry, I think I did this once before too. In all seriousness, could you explain this guideline/rule about "resurrecting" older threads? And, is this a more general principle to follow at other sites?
    [One final question]
    I have had trouble finding reference sites of some sort that list Blu-ray titles that have cinavia. I used at one time. But, they have not added any 2019 titles. It seems dead, but I can't find any information as to why?
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    There is no general rule, just generally frowned upon (on any forum), nor is there any list here. As to why that list hasn't been updated, you'll have to ask them

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