Cinavia Can AnyDVD crack the Cinavia code yet?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Charles Williamson, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. I notice DVDDFAB advertisers they cracked the Cinavia code and available their code breaker.
    Will AnyDVD do the same? Thanks
  2. mike20021969

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    AnyDVD HD + CloneBD can remove Cinavia from a copy although the audio will be downgraded.
    An equivalent "fix" for DVD is not available.
    AnyDVD HD can prevent software players from detecting Cinavia.
  3. Badnews

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    Oh really. They didn't crack anything except one thing but I can't tell you the truth in public, But they didn't crack Cinavia. Go ahead try to remove Cinavia from a full copy of a Blu-ray disc and see what happens. Movie only Cinavia REMOVAL only. Like I said there is only one thing they cracked.

    BTW: Ask them if they can remove Cinavia on a FULL or CLONE Blu-ray disc and not only movie only. I also ask you to ask them can they put or i'll use the word add Cinavia to any Blu-ray disc that doesn't contain Cinavia. If they answer is NO. Then they #1 don't know the true code and using code modified from the net or from other means. If you truly can remove it you can put it on any Blu-ray that isn't Cinavia infected. They have stolen code in the past from others and also mask some programs as there own.

    I have everything they offer, Only honest thing I can say is there software isn't worth it, There updates are slow, There BD+ is a joke and to top it off it purely sucks. I also don't have anything to do with AnyDVD HD either. But it does everything it say's at least. And no one is faster at updates in the world as far as I know.

    I forgot to add, AnyDVD HD can mask Cinavia from even being seen on playback from any movie. And it doesn't alter the audio at all...All original, That other place can't do that.

    So if you have like a HTPC and AnyDVD HD if the FULL ISO or FULL FOLDER is Cinavia infected. Your player never see's it and the contents of the ISO or the FOLDER stay original. They can't do that either. Provided your using PDVD17 and others.
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    Not this again. They didn't crack anything.

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    Thankfully, I just got stuck with pass key and didn't get suckered into buying their cinavia removal when they had a certain percentage off "sale". I was going to then decided against it. Now that I know it's only for movie only and not a full disc clone, I am really not going for it.
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    I didn't want to mention any specific town or village, I just used China in General, I been there enough. When your in Russia, China and Russia have a agreement that there is no Visa needed to go there or for them to travel to the Russian Federation.
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