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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Kazz5, Jan 11, 2016.

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    I've been ripping DVDs and BDs to MP4 for use on a server upon which I run Plex. I've been using AAC and 5.1 @ 384kbps. I had some issues with muting, etc. and that's all that would work. I've used my copies on tablets, phones, PCs and Roku devices with great success.

    Finding some difficulty with Sicario I came here to poke around. Doing so introduced me to Cinavia problems. I solved my problem with Sicario but was now concerned about Cinavia protection. I therefore found the checkbox in AnyDVDHD to check for removal of Cinavia and changed the audio in CloneBD to AC3. The resulting .MP4 file had no sound. When I returned it to AAC the sound was just fine.

    So I have some questions.

    1. Does conversion to .MP4 inherently remove Cinavia or should I assume it's present on a number of my previous rips?

    2. Everything here says to convert to AC3. Shall I assume I've not removed Cinavia from Sicario in this case?

    3. If I burned an .MP4 file to a disc and put it in a commercial player would the protection prevent proper playback?

    Anyone have any other insights as well? Thanks!
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    1 no, the final output type doesn't matter. What matters if the anydvd removal setting is enabled and you downscale the audio. If either one isn't right and you convert to mp4 cinavia will still be present. Mp4 is just another container like avi and mkv

    2. Sorry, that doesn't make sense

    3. There's a chance yes but no guarantee. Why convert to mp4 then burn to disc, discs are the first thing cinavia is checked on. Copy the file to a flash drive, very few if any at all check for cinavia on flash drives

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  3. Kazz5

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    Thanks for the flash drive tip and info on .MP4 files.

    I told AnyDVDHD to remove Cinavia. However, if I tell CloneBD to convert to AC3 as part of the settings on the Target screen, the resulting file has no sound. Last night I found out that the sound when converted to AAC is pretty awful in quality. Can anyone tell me how to remove Cinavia and get proper sound quality?

  4. Adbear

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    You can't, to remove Cinavia in CloneBD you will always get a loss in audio quality
  5. Kazz5

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    So for best audio quality, leave the protection in and use a device that ignores it?
  6. James

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    Yes. And the good news - all devices ignore it, which don't play original Blu-ray discs. Even most Blu-ray player ignore it, if the source is not a physical disc.
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  7. Kazz5

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    So I wasted my time trying to remove it! LOL Now I have a great-audio-quality .MP4 file. Thanks!