Chronicles of Riddick

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    I've tried ripping Chronicles of Riddick (Blu-Ray) with no luck. Has anyone else had any luck with the 1080p version of Chronicles of Riddick? There seems to be some copy protection on it that makes the applications think it has corrupt data, even when the disc is clean. I'm posting this just to see if maybe somehow this disc is bad even though it has no blemishes on it.
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    I had no problems with this disc. If you have tried everything in the sticky posted above this, then you need to attach a logfile (also mentioned in the sticky).

    Unless your disc is damaged, odds are you are doing something wrong. As far as I know this is not one of those discs with multiple versions with each one tripping up AnyDVD in a different way.
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    Nearly EVERY movie comes in multiple versions, and again more versions per region. Think pete said a while ago he's seen movies with up to 15 different versions. Besides a dirty/damaged disc/drive you can't do anything wrong. You can only insert the disc in the drive, and close the drive. Anydvd does the rest, can't do much wrong there.
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