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  1. daviddegraw

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    I have 3gb ram, windows vista home premium, ati mobility radeon x1600 and all drivers updated, but with anydvd running or not when I play HD dvds with cyberlink powerdvd 7.3 ultra deluxe the video stutters a lot, but the audio plays fine does anyone know why I am having this issue? My buddy has the same computer except xp MCE and his works fine. Any thoughts?
  2. bachuka

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    I noticed things run a little slower on vista than xp. What cpu are you using. I think its either your cpu or video card or both. Find out how much cpu utilization your system is using while playing movies by hitting ctrl alt del. If you're consistantly running over 70-80% you should upgrade your cpu and/or video card.
  3. daviddegraw

    daviddegraw New Member

    When playing powerdvd its does jump to 70-80% or higher its about 15% or lower during normal use.

    CPU: Intel Core Duo T2500(2.0GHz)

    Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1600

    Its an ASUS laptop so how can I upgrade the CPU or Video Card?

    Does it being power dvd have anything to do with it? Would a different player(when one is available) use less ?
  4. daviddegraw

    daviddegraw New Member

    i called asus and all I can do is upgrade to a 2.16 ghz will that make it work any better or should I just roll back to xp?
  5. bachuka

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    you may want to try to role back to xp, even then it may not work because you are pushing it with your hardware, i recall asus was going to make an adaptor for laptops which will allow you to use a desktop video card on laptops....not sure if they sell that yet
  6. psgolfer

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    I don't use vista, don't like it, still prefer xp for running blu ray.

    I use the following:

    Windows XP SP2
    AMD X2 64 4600
    Radeon ATI X1600
    2 GB RAM
    BWU-100A Sony Blu Ray
    HD-S802A Toshiba HD DVD
    Any DVD HD

    I know cyberlink has a software program I use which tells you whether your cpu, ram, and video display is HDCP compliant and if it meets the minimum requirements. Try running that and see what you get from there.

    Good Luck!