Choppy playback of Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by dbenning, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. dbenning

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    If I either run AnyDVD and play from the Blu-Ray drive, or copy the disk to the HD then play with PowerDVD I get slightly choppy playback. It almost looks like the framerate is dropped to about 15 fps. But without AnyDVD running then playback from the Blu-Ray is fine. Any suggestions? This is new and very fast QuadCore computer with an ATI HD2400 card and SATA3 hard drive so I do not think it is a hardware limitation.
  2. dburckh

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    I noticed a similar issue with 28 Weeks Later.

    I was watchable, so I didn't take the time to disable AnyDVD to see if it was a PDVD issue. I'm running PDVD 3615.
  3. dburckh

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    I'm running an AMD 5000+, 8400GS, 2GB, XP Home with the same HD drive. 28 Weeks later is choppy sometimes, but watchable. I have a much smaller system. CPU never exceeded 50%.

    I tried 28 Weeks Later on my E6400, 8800GTS, 2GB, XP Home. Again, choppy but watchable (and that was over a wireless connection). CPU never exceeded 60%

    Could it be Vista 64? I know a couple of people that have fallen back to Vista 32 due to driver issues.
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  4. bachuka

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    its your video card, the 8800 series does not accelerate work well with bluray movies, if you want it to use the 8800, you'll have to upgrade to at least at e6600, you're best solution is to get a 8600 which fully accelerates bluray movies with their drivers, ati hd 2600 xt will work too
  5. SamuriHL

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    That's mostly accurate. The new 8800 GT, however, does have the VP2 processor and accelerates video VERY well. So, that is an option, as well.