Choppy blu-ray playback from hard drive

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by leninvaros, May 26, 2008.

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    I just purchased a LG GGC-H20L combo drive.Watching HD-DVD or blu-ray movies from the LG is perfect.,but when i try to playback the any hd dvd ripped movies from the hard drive i got very choppy picture.Power dvd,Windvd9,Nero8-all the same thing:choppy picture only from hard drive.Does the Any HD dvd do something with the blu-ray structure?Standard def. movie playback is ok. from my hard drive.My system:AMD opteron 170,ATI HD 3870,2 gig ram,windows vista 32
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    Sounds like it might be worth trying a defrag of your HDD.