Choosing a Blu-ray Reader/Writer.

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    Ok I recently have been getting everything ready to try to rip blu rays to my Hard Drives and create a media server. However I forgot that I cant even read the blu-rays with my regular dvd drive (I found this out by putting the blue-ray disc into my computer and it was not recognized(lol). Am I right in this assumption? I need to buy a reader/writer, correct? If so which one(s) would u reccomend?

    EDIT: Did some more research and remembered that xbox 360 has a reader/writer add on correct? or is just a reader?... I also have a ps3 is there an add on to that that is better?

    Thanks, Trevor
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    you are correct about needing a bluray reader or writer but you are wrong about using the xbo360 HDDVD drive which only reads HDDVD. your goona need something like the LG GGc-H20L which is a dual format reader or if you plan on burning your movies you should get the LG GGW-H20L dual reader and writer the good thing about these is you can use it for both bluray and HDDVD and you dont have to worry also these are the most used from users on this site and they are pritty good, coming from someone who uses them
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    ansd the PS3 does not have an add on reader nore does it rip movies
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    actually it can rip movies. You need to install some stuff on it first, transfer it to your pc, run good ole anydvd, and its yours.

    something like that anywho. dont know particulars but it is possible. google or believe there are threads on it here some place.
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    i just learned something new, not that i would use it im good with my drive but thats good to know also
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