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Choose Previous Version or Beta Version?


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Jan 28, 2007
When you are using the current version of AnyDVD and run into a problem,
is it better to go back to the previous version that worked or go to the
beta version? Someone on another site told me the beta version was
try at your own risk-not yet completely tested for release as current
Would like opinion from some that have tried both ways.
The BETAs SlySoft bring out are amazingly stable. I always update to the BETA as I know nothing ill will come of it.
I would also suggest trying the Beta....you can always go back.
I have had zero problems with the beta versions. Actually I have had no problems with Slysoft products at all. The only problems I have had when using SS products have turned out to be hardware issues.
I have to concur with other people. I've never had any issue with a AnyDVD that I can remember. Even the few bugs that have been discovered in either major releases or beta releases never impacted me.

I, personally, see no reason to not install a beta release if it will let you make a backup of a DVD [that you own] that the previous official release(s) didn't allow you to do. Of course, if you don't get the most up-to-date releases then there's not really a need to update through all the betas.

Slysoft's beta releases are definitely more solid than most other companies.
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