Chappaquiddick can not copy

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    I too am trying to copy Chappaquiddick without success. Have most current version of RedFox installed. And, no, I am not using the Blu-ray section. Have no idea what an OPD means. Google it and you'll see what I am saying (Orlando Police Dept., Outsourced something-or-other). AnyDVD produces an end result, but Clone DVD cannot use it. On the first pass, the "quality" is only 18%. On the 2nd pass, the green bar goes up to 86 but won't complete it's journey. I realize this isn't a very technical description, but 78 years old, I'm not the most technically-oriented person in the world. Any thoughts on how to remedy the Chappaquiddick problem?
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    Wrong section. DVD problems do not go in the Blu-ray section. Posts split and moved. That said, in this case OPD means Online Protection Database (but that out affects Blu-ray, not DVDs).

    They said, please read the sticky called how to ask for help. Without an anydvd logfile we can't help you. Though updating to the latest beta should work if you're not already using it.

    If the the beta also fails, we'll definitely need a logfile.

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    Thank you for this link. I had 8260 which I'd downloaded only a hour ago. However the AnyDVD8261 that you recommended appears to be working well. I appreciate your help.
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    Anydvd needed an update to handle Chappaquiddick.

    That is why version 8260 did not work.
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    The beta link does not work I get 404 error. is it moved? I am having the same problem baCKING THIS UP.
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    That's because the latest now is Use that.