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changing priority


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Jul 3, 2007

Because of a problem with race driver 3 and force feedback wheels I need to run this game in High priority mode. Codemasters website suggests making a new short cut with the following; which does work but needs the cd in the drive.

%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c start "" /high "g:\program files\Codemasters\Race Driver 3\RD3.exe"

I've tried to convert this into a profile, I've tried making new profiles but it doesn't want to work.

Is there an option to run a profile/game in high priority mode??

Any suggestion's would be most appreciated

You can create a workaround using a batchfile and a GJ-created shortcut, like this:

  1. Create a standard profile for the game (which I assume you have done).
  2. In the profile's properties, disable "Auto start game when this profile is selected".
  3. Create a desktop shortcut to the profile. Rename it something easy like RD3 and copy it to the same directory as the game's executable.
  4. In that same directory, create a batch file along the following lines:

    @echo off
    PING -n 3>nul
    start "" /wait /high "g:\program files\Codemasters\Race Driver 3\RD3.exe"
    "c:\program files\slysoft\game jackal\gamejackal_cl.exe" /deactivate
  5. Use the batchfile to play the game.

This example assumes the following:
  • that you installed Game Jackal to "c:\program files\slysoft\game jackal". If not, just change that line in the batchfile to your GJ installation dir.
  • that you called the link "RD3". Again, if you didn't, change that line to whatever you called it (just remember that a shortcut has the .lnk extension, though windows doesn't display it).
  • I copied the path to the game executable that you used in your example. Change if you need to.

This should serve as a workaround, though it might be nice to add the priority option to the "Advanced options" in the Profile Management window.