changed computers...had to reload any dvd

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  1. Littlesis1*6

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    Good evening, all. I appreciate any help you can provide.

    I just recently had to get a new computer due to hard drive failure on my old one and I had to reload Any dvd to my new one. Now, however, even though I have the region set, it is not recognizing it. I am still getting the error message that I need to set the region. What do I need to do?
  2. mmdavis

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    Make sure you EXIT AnyDVD before checking or setting the drive region. AnyDVD cannot be running.
  3. Littlesis1*6

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    I've tried that. I click on the show hidden icons, click on RedFox, and the region shows as 1 for US. Should I try uninstall and reinstalling AnyDvd?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    We're not talking about the region you select in anydvd. You need to EXIT anydvd completely, the tray icon can NOT be running. Then go into windows device manager and set the DRIVE's hardware region. If you still think you've set it correctly, you'll need to provide an anydvd logfile