ce3k 40th Anniversary Edition comes out 48x24

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    I'm trying to make an mp4 backup of the just released CE3K Blu-ray 40th Anniversary Edition using anydvd hd and dvd Catalyst. Same versions and settings I always use with goo results. Except for some reason on this disk I get a tiny 48 x 24 resolution file. Any thoughts?
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    Wrong section, moved from blu-ray issues to DVD issues. DVD problems do not go in the blu-ray section. That said, not an anydvd problem. AnyDVD only decrypts / rips 1:1. AnyDVD does not convert so it definitely cant produce a 48x24 resolution file. You need to contact the staff of that "DVD Catalyst" thing
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    It is a Blu-ray Disc. The only thing that says anything about "DVD" in that post is the other program used. But that doesn't mean it doesn't work for BD. We all of others with DVD in the name that will "Mostly" handle BD. That's what happens when just skimming a post.
    Please read their OP again.
    And it will also need to get moved back to the Blu-ray issues sub-forum. Or Third-party Sub-forum if the log checks out.

    First thing,
    please follow the instructions here:
    Then please attach Logfile to your original post. Or just add it to this thread if you're not sure how to edit and add to previous posts.
    For troubleshooting this and future issues.
    I would also recommend that you get CloneBD as it is the true companion for BD


    And use the mobile file output. And see if this has the same issue. Its free to use. And if you're doing lossless copying it will not put the (Bert) watermark on the output. And you don't ever have to do the whole video conversion just select a chapter or two of it with the cut slider. And it should show any issue then.
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    Euhm no, i googled "DVD Catalyst" and from everything i can find it's software similar to CloneDVD and as such until a logfile indicates otherwise the post was moved into the DVD issues section. http://www.filefacts.com/dvd-catalyst-4-info. If it really is a blu-ray disc then he's using the wrong type of software
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    The later versions of DVD catalyst could also handle Blu-rays
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    Well in that case, once a logfile is posted we can proceed. First we need to establish if it's a protection problem or a dvd catalyst problem (my money's on the latter)
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    Mine too, especially as the software is no longer available and was dropped a few years ago