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  1. alisonmartin

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    is there any way in copying karaoke discs for backup that I can copy songs off different discs onto one disc to make a compilation disc


  2. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    I think it all depends on what format the original files are. I think you might have to use other software to make the compilation first and then make your backups with CloneCD.
  3. Dreamthief

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    Sorry for the bump on this thread, but instead of starting a new thread, I figured it would be safe to ask in here.

    With exception of the compilation, CloneCD DOES burn karaoke cd's?

    My buddy ( who is running the same version of nero as I ) is having problems backing up karaoke cd's. I on the other hand have no problems backing them up using Nero. So I figured with all the luck I have been having with slysoft, I would suggest CloneCD to him. But wanted to make sure it will burn Karaoke cd's first.
  4. pseudo555

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    I think, Clonecd is able to do your copy if your burner can read and write raw dao + 96 (aka cd+G).

    You have just to select "Audio CD multimedia" when clonecd ask you to choose a profl. You probably have to edit it (check that clonecd will read the subchannel data).
  5. Dreamthief

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    I'm pretty sure his does as Nero 7 worked for him before. Then stopped working ( and it's been hell since ). So I know his burner will read and write it.
  6. joe vainella

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    I've just gotten clonecd and have the same question you asked. Did you solve the problem? How to make one compilation disc of karaoke songs from many discs? Please respond to I think it would be easier than using this forum, to which I am also new. Thanks.
  7. Webslinger

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    You can't using Clonecd. Clonecd is not a reauthoring program.