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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bjproc, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. bjproc

    bjproc Well-Known Member

    first of all, well done on the forum :clap:

    a small question to SS, will you guys still be visiting cd freaks as often or will your forum here, be your playground now ?

  2. sej7278

    sej7278 Well-Known Member

    well it doesn't make much sense to look in two places for support does it?

    i suspect the slysoft cdfreaks forums might just as well close - but be kept for archival purposes, with a link to these forums.
  3. ETP

    ETP Well-Known Member

    As a customer I will go to both places for a little while for SLYSOFT stuff. And CDFREAKS for everything else maybe. LOL
    Nice forum BTW, just don't sell or give our names to the **&^%%$$#.
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  4. diskwatcher

    diskwatcher Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same.
    It pays to keep track of the customers.
  5. LindaLoveLee

    LindaLoveLee New Member

    I go to several forums for help. Cd Freaks, Afterdawn and now here....there is nothing wrong with have places to go.:agree:
  6. locoeng

    locoeng Well-Known Member

    I would assume that support for SlySoft products will continue at other forums, but will probably be on an unofficial basis.
  7. rolling56

    rolling56 Well-Known Member

    Hello Bj and all here.
    I guess we'll have to stop by here also. I'm glad there is a SS fourm 8)
  8. zebadee

    zebadee Well-Known Member

    Hi :)
    I have to have places to go:agree: .Before they catch upto me:doh: .
    You ain't seen me. Right.:D
  9. bubbles19

    bubbles19 Active Member

    who said that;)
  10. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Nice to see some familiar faces...well names that is.
  11. diane7

    diane7 New Member


    Im feeling at Home Already :D
  12. zebadee

    zebadee Well-Known Member

    Hi :)
    Scared of MyCE are you? :D

    Welcome to the darkside. :clap: 8)
  13. diane7

    diane7 New Member

    Thanks "NO" a bit annoyad at them 4 Taking Away the View Single Posts :-(

    they gettind a little to big 4 there Booties and NOT Listening to what the MEMBERS want ;-)
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  14. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Your second post and you bumped a three year old thread.
  15. zebadee

    zebadee Well-Known Member

    Hi :)
    Diane's 1st post bumped a three year old thread.
    Making it current. :p
    The 2nd was a response to mine (less than 12 hrs old).
    You are now continuing it.
    No sorry that'll be me then....... :doh: